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9/2/2010 2:03:44 PM

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- johnpaulca 9/2/2010 10:46:00 AM
If you think it's bad here just visit a 3rd world country, I just spent a month in South America...what a shi$t hole.

Geesh John.
I LOVE South America!
What part did you go to?
BTW, I've stopped visiting "3rd World" countries 'cause where I live has become a "3rd world" country.
Heck!! Why fly to El Salvador when I can drive to the mall and be in a "virtual" 3rd world in 15 minutes.

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9/2/2010 3:21:54 PM

LOL....I was Guyana as a coach for Team Canada....the country is very interesting....organized chaos.

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9/3/2010 4:41:55 AM

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9/3/2010 10:06:03 AM

Thanks for the article.
It's at the point now, where the "big boyz" only know one way to make money in the market ... manipulation.

Same with CEOs of major corporations ... best way for them to max their salaries... outsource all labor to china.
Nobody plays "fair" anymore.
Everything's a fkn scam.
And it's all very transparent.

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9/3/2010 11:34:31 AM

I don't agree with Edit's transparency. Many things are still non-transparent. Anytime our market place gives us negative surprises it shows us a non-transparent atmosphere that creates apprehension, uncertainty in making firm moves into the markets. Leaders in our markets still after all this time, after the big crash, still have many investors sitting on the sidelines waiting to trust again. Not sure if it will ever come back again. Yes, the big boys control the manipulation from behind the scenes making many investors to just watch and not plunge back in. It used to be, blending fundamentals and technicals together in making sound decisions the way to go. Now, those elements in picking sound stocks for medium to long term investing is kaput. The game is a very short term trading scenario. Giving investment houses all your money and trusting them to manage it well is not a good idea. Giving yourself as the prime tender of your investment monies is now the name of the game. Have a nice day!

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9/3/2010 12:21:20 PM

marine2 edit is something karennma adds most of her posts.
Here is a video link of the flash crash and what might have happened to the stocks, here the symbol PSA is analyzed, and please note that the whole video is suppose to be less than a second in time.

seeing that I wouldn't be surprised if once the frequency traders have added to their positions, they use these aggressive bid tactics to change the direction of the stock, if I can think it, I am sure they are doing it. This they can do in less than a second, and even with hot keys assigned to our trading platform it would take most of us 5 seconds to submit our orders. The exchanges make a lot of money from these high frequency traders from the volume they provide, I doubt this is likely to change.

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9/3/2010 12:22:20 PM

You guys are sure depressing when theres a warm summer rain and you have to get out the umbrella.

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9/4/2010 12:53:30 AM

Reality sucks sometimes doesn't it.

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9/7/2010 1:10:22 PM

Not Cute;related-link-0

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