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8/19/2010 9:15:31 PM

i am fairly new to trading and i am looking for a course to teach me the basics of trading i have tried to study on my own and would like to find a good course thats not a waste of money i would aprieciate any help thanks

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8/19/2010 10:47:54 PM

I will give you a bit of advice......start a paper trading account, with like 50k and when you double it start using real money.
It will take a long time and a lot of hard work.

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8/20/2010 12:48:11 AM

There is a "wealth" of information (FREE).

- -

Insight into how "market wizards" think and act.

- -

Who is Seykota...

- -

Of course, others will analyze annual reports and other "accounting" documents.


Another take on trading

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8/20/2010 9:42:53 PM

I agree with E-man, start a papertrading portfolio before you plunk down your hard earned money. Know what you are doing and how the markets should be played. Aside from the sites mentioned by four check out
there are tons of free videos which will give you some insight into the markets and technical analysis.
good luck,

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8/21/2010 7:46:35 PM

you want to daytrade or swing trade?

If you want a course, then it will cost you a few thousand dollars, if you want to read and start a paper trading log, then you should read anything by Toni Turner, very good stuff!

If you want a course, then you want the real thing, try looking at Keystone trading group!

remember, paper is not like putting hard money on the line, and with paper trading you will cheat, you cant cheat with real money!

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8/22/2010 11:19:50 AM

I agree with what everyone has recomended so far and would through in that successful traders approach the market with a methodology. That is the basic take away from all three of the Market Wizards books. Each of them had their own system which they followed with extreme discipline.

If you want a good basic grasp of what a methodology is start by reading all of the posts over at Stockbee starting with this one:

Then read all of the posts from the links on the right hand side (scroll down a bit) under "Methods and Philosophy" and for that matter don't stop there read the ones linked to under "popular posts".

Plan to spend 5,000 hours or more before you are above average and consistantly profitable.

Your success depends on how quickly you can get rid of your existing baggage and learn what trading really is.
This video will be of great help as well:

Trade well,

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8/22/2010 3:55:10 PM

The best education you can get is from the market itself.Start off with very small size(shares) to get your feet wet.It's all about trial & error,finding out what works for you.98% of what is written on trading will lose you money.Most of the "market guru's" trying to sell you a system,couldn't trade their way out of a paper bag.Paper trading is emotionless trading.Trading is all about emotion when you have real money on the line.I'll give you an example.You are trading 5000 shares of stock.All of a sudden out of nowhere,someone decides to dump 1,000000 shares.The stock drops two points,you're out let's say $10000 in like a few seconds.If it was a paper trade,so what,but if it was "real money on the line",would you know what to do? Can you imagine how you would feel? Trust me,things like this happen often.If you're going to paper trade,do it for a minimum amount of time,then get with the real world.Some good reads are Market Wizards(both books),Gary Smith,How I trade for a living,Nick Darvas,How I made 2,000000 in the stock market and Larry Williams,Long term secrets to short term trading.Good luck,Mike.....

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8/22/2010 9:37:27 PM

thanks guys i apprieciate all the advice and am in the prossess of reading the books you recomended and looking at the web sites, and it looks like what i was looking for i can use all the help i can get

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