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2/26/2010 1:33:08 PM

Look at the link below.
It says IBD stocks have not performed well in the current market.

Is it right that if we run filters like MA (10/50 or 7/47) crossovers in the current market for these stocks, it could still be profitable


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2/26/2010 7:46:48 PM

I think that you need to think also about the timeframe over which an IBD rating is based - it contains momentum, sure, but it also looks at 3-5 Q of profits and growth. The stocks are not bulletproof, but they are considered to be good investments for months to years.

That being said, I have also heard the being on the IBD top 100 is the "kiss of death", as the stock is overhyped and may therefore retrace aggressively if there is any adverse news.

One strategy is to buy equal shares of all 100, and rotate new ones in as they make the list. Over time it seems to be a profitable approach - some of those stocks will run up 600+% before falling out (example - FUQI, STEC, etc). People who got in when they first hit the list still did very well.

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2/26/2010 8:01:44 PM

Good Point.

So for them using MA crossover 10/50 filter should be good or better using 5% filter. Because in this week's top 100 list atleast none of the filters work. I checked them. What would be your recommendation

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3/3/2010 1:28:39 AM

Just wanted to share. I've been using IBD100 stocks for quite awhile. First I run them through SF to make sure they are optionable. Then I use the fact they are all uptrending stocks. I use SF to look for pull backs and bounces to continue the trend.


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3/3/2010 5:16:48 AM

If someone is a regular subscriber to IBD could you post the new additions to IBD 100 each week.



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