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1/28/2010 12:51:11 PM


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1/29/2010 4:50:43 PM

So today was a bottom? On what chart setting daily, weekly?


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1/29/2010 5:03:52 PM

Ever week ... another "new" bottom.
The question is ... how many bottoms before we make THE "bottom".
If you follow the Intra-day board, the BEST traders here have had their shirts handed to them.
IMHO, this is difficult market to trade if you're taking LONG positions, as the market is going DOWN.

JMHO ...

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1/29/2010 5:33:09 PM


Why the post changed to zzzzzzz.

Any other ideas on identifying the bottom?

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1/29/2010 6:36:34 PM

Karen...PRECISELY. I'm wondering if anyone on this forum is paying attention to may posts? EVERY time Mary proclaims a bottom, I make a ton of money buying puts on the indexes and selected stocks. It has been this way for several years now.

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1/29/2010 6:59:50 PM

Max: you must have made a fortune by now (:

BTW....ya wanna buy a cheap hockey team, Flames could be had for a nickle

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1/29/2010 8:10:00 PM

JP...good to hear from you. Actually, the majority of the profits I've made have not come from Mary. But I am absolutely serious that every time my technicals have pointed to downside and Mary comes out of the wood work proclaiming a bottom...I have made money buying puts. I love this guy.

Regarding the Flames...yes, they've really taken a nose dive. But then again so have my beloved Wings :(
Kinda sucks that we live in a post cap era. We'll see just how good Ken Holland is now eh?

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1/29/2010 9:01:16 PM

Some hockey fans here...How about my Laughs....I mean Leafs. It's disgraceful what the
teachers union has done to them.

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1/29/2010 10:55:42 PM

I have Stajan and Kessel from the Maple Laughs in my hockey pool, lets just say I am not winning. ):

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1/31/2010 11:49:01 AM

Date : 1/28/2010 12:51:11 PM

looks like we are setting up the weekly bottom to match the 3-6 and 7-10 bottoms- qld near 7% on weekl now--looks like maybe today will be the next major bottom or friday or monday depending on amzn earnings qid was at 94% at the march market bottom-- its now at 92% the qld march bottom was 6.3% its now at 7.6% at todays low

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