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1/22/2010 6:34:44 PM


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1/22/2010 8:33:34 PM

My heart is palpitating.

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1/22/2010 10:45:53 PM

NiceM4M, great idea, thanks.

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1/27/2010 4:26:24 PM

Good for u...

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1/28/2010 2:56:23 AM

i dont get it...maybe someone can explain?

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1/31/2010 2:04:08 PM

Date : 1/22/2010 6:34:44 PM

im using a software program that i made indentical to our filters on here where you can list the daily and weekly rsi-2 in seperate columns-except- i have it live and i also have columns for the 15min-- 30 min-- 60- min --120 min-- 240 min --1 day--- 2 days -- 1 week-- 1 month and--- 1 quarter--like today at the close-- vix 99.9 99.9 100 and 99.7% on the daily- same on the qid--- 99.9-- 100-99.9 and 95% on the daily--- on the qld 0.3---0.3---0.5- and 5% on the daily rsi-2 same on the indexes as on the qld---whats sweet about this you just click on whatever column you want-- in the case of stec going 14-11.25 -- monthly weekly and daily were very low-- just waited for the 60-240 minute ones to turn green at 11.88- same thing at the top when the daily hit 99.9% at 17.10-- the 15-240 minutes ones started going down- thus sell your jan calls-- same at the top at 20$- you cannot believe how easy this is- i can screen anything i want this way

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1/31/2010 7:46:44 PM

M4M, you feeling OK? Why did you delete your post?

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2/1/2010 3:58:16 PM

You should'nt' have deleted your post, as you may have been correct.
Moral of the story .... Don't delete posts!!!
Your assessment could be CORRECT.


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2/1/2010 4:01:01 PM

I copied this last Friday .... and played AMZN today.
Thanks, M4M!
Never be ashamed of your opinions!

modified 1/28/2010 12:51:11 PM

looks like we are setting up the weekly bottom to match the 3-6 and 7-10 bottoms- qld near 7% on weekl now--looks like maybe today will be the next major bottom or friday or monday depending on amzn earnings qid was at 94% at the march market bottom-- its now at 92% the qld march bottom was 6.3% its now at 7.6% at todays low

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2/2/2010 10:42:13 AM

I think he deleted his post as he felt insulted by a comment that was made.

If you don't like what someone has to say, then don't comment and ignore them. I guess that is too hard.

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