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12/20/2009 3:16:53 PM

where i made the follwoing trades--i used the following filter on sf----to screen for breakout stocks--stock is optionable and volume above 500000 and weekly macd(2,3,1) below 0 last 4 weeks ---this will give me about 10-20% of the optionable stocks to look at- then i start flipping thru the charts- i only want ones that where the weekly rsi-2 is heading up-so this gets rid of about 50-75% of the stocks selected by the screen above- now you only want the ones with the flatest weekly rsi-2 bottoms and a sudden up surge to the 50% line-- this gave me about 40 out of the 240 stocks selected--and you want the ones that have the strongest weekly macd 2 3 1 moves up off their bottoms- you will have to include the following in you chart graph settings--here is what is use---draw rsi(2) crossing above weekly rsi(2)---draw weekly macd(2,3,1)---chart-type is Candlestick-----draw Linear Regression (100)--------here is what i use for my filter headers----set{DA, rsi(2)} and add column DA------set{WE,weekly rsi(2)}and add column WE-------set{X, weekly atr(8)/weekly ma(8)} set{PROFIT,X*100} AND ADD COLUMN PROFIT--------set{hv%,historical volatility(5)/historical volatility(50)} and add column hv%--------SET{Vs,volume/average volume(50)} and add column VS---------set{rb20,close/ma(20)} and add column rb20-------set{rb50,close/ma(50)} and add column rb50------set{rb200,close/ma(200)} and add column rb200-----------------add column weekly macd(2,3,1)-----------set{low1,close - low 200 day low}set{low2, low1 / low 200 day low} set{%above200daylow, low2 * 100}add column %above200daylow------explanation of indicators above-----da-daily rsi-2 ------we weekly rsi-2-----profit indicator------hv%- is to find stocks with low hv% <0.50 to look for tight consolidations------vs is your volume spike indicator-where 1.0 is the 50 ma of the volume-so 2.0 would be 2x volume and so on----rb20 rb50 rb 200 are your % above and below the 20 50 and 200 ma s--0.95 would be 5% below and 1.05 would be 5 % above--this shows you how strong a stock is running--if you want you may want to use a rb5 or rb10 for a shorter time span---------- the one showing the % above the 200 day low-shows you which stocks have made the biggest move off their 3-06-09 bottoms and you may want to update this every friday--so next Friday would be 204 days-------------now my next screen is to go to to screen the 40 stocks left above to see if they are buying or selling and what the block trades look like in ah--you can sign up for free or get the live charts for 10$ per month--so you take the sells and buys add them up and divide that into the buys to get a %- you want >50% buys but the high the better- then you look at the block trades and see if they are sell or buys and what you want to end up with is stocks where the buying side and block trade side is schewed to the upside the stronger the better--next you go to sf an make a watch list with the following--headers--add column rsi(2)-----add column rsi(2)--------et{p,weekly atr(8)/ weekly ma(8)} and add column p-----add column weekly macd(2,3,1)---et{3weeksago,weekly rsi(2) 3 weeks ago} and add column 3weeksago------and you want the stocks nearest to the 0 line on the weekly macd 2 3 1 with out going over 0---you also want the the highest p which is the same as x---- and you want the stocks that were the lowest 3 weeks ago on the weekly rsi(2)----here are the 21 stocks left after screening the original 240 stocks are screening filter gave us-- it looks like nite-- stec psun and untd look like the best stocks to play options on--this is how i found amr cenx ntri and dal before they made their big break outs-good luck--lerogee-
Symbol Price % Day Chg RSI(2) Weekly
RSI(2) 3weeksago p Weekly
NITE 15.00 4.68% 94.63 60.72 1.18 0.07 -0.03
PSUN 3.51 2.33% 66.49 61.92 2.01 0.19 -0.02
STEC 12.86 1.66% 96.05 65.40 4.31 0.22 -0.00
TSO 13.01 1.25% 80.85 65.42 4.35 0.08 -0.00
BRCD 7.48 0.67% 49.57 59.26 5.56 0.10 -0.01
UNTD 7.16 -1.92% 38.60 64.84 7.27 0.11 -0.01
TEX 19.21 -0.57% 60.69 56.74 11.26 0.11 -0.05
ABB 18.24 0.55% 62.52 44.90 17.44 0.07 -0.07
LEN 12.45 1.06% 63.54 53.02 17.96 0.11 -0.07
THC 4.91 -3.73% 20.17 55.88 18.65 0.11 -0.01
RJF 23.94 1.79% 90.29 57.75 20.09 0.07 -0.03
DELL 13.74 0.00% 95.24 59.57 20.32 0.07 -0.03
MTH 17.38 3.82% 82.95 47.97 21.88 0.10 -0.09
WFC 26.78 2.72% 98.51 60.02 22.76 0.07 -0.04
FWLT 29.31 3.53% 70.31 55.27 25.85 0.10 -0.12
THQI 4.73 6.77% 95.50 64.10 26.60 0.12 -0.00
RDC 23.84 -0.42% 31.49 53.01 30.01 0.10 -0.07
ILMN 27.88 2.27% 61.19 47.57 34.94 0.12 -0.17
TOL 18.18 0.00% 58.99 44.07 38.03 0.10 -0.10
RIG 82.59 -0.29% 36.29 54.69 46.06 0.07 -0.18
SAP 46.34 3.05% 79.02 59.13 49.79 0.06
look at the charts above to see exactly what they lok like right before a big breakout

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12/20/2009 4:15:04 PM

and you can use on bottom or top rsi-2 when c got to <1% on the daily and weekly- at about 3.20 the buy volume kicked in big time- so i got it near 3.13 using the 30 rsi-2 to pick the bottom off- bought 20000 jan 4 calls for-- at 0.045 and 0.04 was the low--got a ton of nite stec calls above the price for jan-easpecially stec- it make giant moves up off its bottom-- and had the highest x at 0.22 its last move was 3-42$--you can go to-- during the trading day-Schaeffer's Options Center-- to look for giant spikes in the option volume-- look at ryl where they were buying 92.4% puts on it--so i checked the buy and sell volume right away for the stock--and it showed slightly to the buy side on both the buy volume and block vol in ah--so i did nothing because it didnt confirm the put volume which could of been selling puts instead of buying puts--Unusual Option Volume Stocks

Symbol Times Average Average Volume Today's Total Call Percent Put Percent
RYL 25.36 2639 66928 7.61% 92.4%
S 8.05 23131 186105 51.79% 48.2%
ORCL 6.73 31323 210863 65.13% 34.9%
PALM 5.63 23750 133744 40.99% 59.0%
RIMM 4.21 134776 567277 67.33% 32.7%
WLP 3.21 17421 55992 73.89% 26.1%
V 3.20 20452 65421 76.25% 23.8%
POT 2.70 73335 197987 60.60% 39.4%
CHK 2.41 37229 89808 64.71% 35.3%
BBY 2.38 26032 61942 45.71% 54.3%
orcl was 65% calls--the volume was 60% sell- bu the ah block volume was massive on the buy side- so the calls above might be good since the stock had good earnings-another thing is to look at what the daily candle looked like for friday---lets look at rimm-great earnings--sell volume about 51% but it was 57% at the low near 69 earlier in the day- so this had a pos finsih- so i bought 36000 jan 75-90 calls---wlp shows 74% calls- and 3.2 times its average option volume--its a majot block and stock sell off - 64% sells on friday and 90% block sells--perhaps they were selling the calls-pass on this one--v 76% calls and 3.2 time average opt vol--whow 80% buy volume- a defite call paly for jan---pot-64% calls--50/50 on volume- pass-- chk 65% calls- 55% buy volume-maybe---here is very important thing- they show what % is bought at the bid or ask- with the high% at the ask considered bullish- this what the heatseek thing on optionmonster is based on- big sudden block buys at the ask--Call Buying
Put Buying

Symbol Put Volume Times Average Percent on Ask Price
TNDM 1378 11.11 79.0%
ASBC 2002 23.28 65.3%
BNI 4129 3.10 48.2%
CAB 2142 18.63 39.2%
NVO 1159 3.64 32.1%
BEC 2708 17.70 31.9%
DTG 1102 4.41 31.7%
TBSI 1051 4.65 28.4%
BLL 2854 5.82 28.2%
AGN 2410 7.85 25.0%

Symbol Call Volume Times Average Percent on Ask Price
MSPD 1403 56.12 99.6%
IVZ 1486 7.70 89.4%
NITE 12987 12.54 72.1%
RAX 2049 3.65 66.1%
TIE 10745 5.01 65.3%
nite is alread one of our explosion stocks-- 12.5 times average call volume anbd 72% at the ASK- ON THE STOCK IT WAS 68% on the buy side and the block trades about 65% buys- so i got 100 s of jan calls on this--lets look at rax-54% on buy side on stock- even on block trades--pass-- lets look at tie- this is a real mover sometimes--53% sell and major block sell off in ah-pass--next we have the % at the ask and bid for the highest volume strike prices for friday--Stocks

Symbol Today's Volume Expiration Strike Put Call % on Bid Price % on Ask Price
RIMM 128899 12/19/09 70 C 32.4% 23.3%
C 98325 1/16/10 4 C 26.8% 27.3%
BAC 76578 12/19/09 15 C 40.5% 26.8%
RIMM 70931 12/19/09 70 P 32.9% 30.9%
C 66720 3/20/10 4 C 10.0% 45.6%
C 60236 12/19/09 4 P 25.1% 7.5%
C 58280 3/20/10 3 P 45.9% 13.2%
AAPL 54415 12/19/09 195 C 30.3% 36.3%
RIMM 53652 12/19/09 65 C 20.4% 25.5%
S 49790 2/20/10 3 P 2.3% 7.7%
when c was going down it was selling the calls at the bid and buying the puts at the ask-very very bearish-now you can se the reverse this major selling the puts at the bid and buying the calls at the ask- point to a great play for the feb and jan 4 calls- plus this tock did a major volume reversal both on thursday and friday- friday it was 1.8 billion shares bought and 0.5 billion sold--extremely bullish as were most of the banks on friday- looks like the next big leg is stating on the banks-- here are somw of the % s buying on the banks for friday--with big block buys in ah too---wfc--68% gs-59% and it usually leads the market up too--bac-53% c- 75% bk-71% bpop is a fast moving bank stock that was 68% with massive block buys in ah the jan 2.50 calls are 0.05 and 0.15 see if you can get them at 0.10----you want to use crimsonmind to look for exreme option volume-spikes-- it gives you the following--pre earning volume- exreme volume spikes and much more- you can pull up a ten day chasrt to see the put and call action on any stock or etfs and in some case when you see a big drop in the put/call ratio and a big spike in the volume- this will tell you the stock might make a big move up-good luck

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12/20/2009 9:22:57 PM

M4M, this is generally what you had for filter elements in your post above. With the "weekly rsi(2) > weekly rsi(2) 1 day ago line, it returns about 100 stocks. Without this line, it returns about 250 stocks.

If you remove the "comment" symbols for the "rsi(2) crossing above weekly rsi(2)" line, it reduces the number of hits to those stocks where this cross happened within the last day (about 40). It drops WFC and a few other banks that you suggest might make a big move up soon.

Still not clear to me how you would reduce the list of 100 stocks with increasing weekly rsi(2) to a manageable list. Personally, I would screen out those those stocks with lower average daily volume, so I could find only stocks with options with low spreads.

Do you run this scan intraday, then go look at volumes at Ihub and try to buy intraday?

set{DA, rsi(2)}
set{WE,weekly rsi(2)}
set{hv%, historical volatility(5) / historical volatility(50)}
SET{VS,volume / average volume(50)}
set{X, weekly atr(8) / weekly ma(8)}
set{PROFIT, X * 100}
set{rb20, close / ma(20)}
set{rb50, close / ma(50)}
set{rb200, close / ma(200)}
set{low1, close - low 200 day low}
set{low2, low1 / low 200 day low}
set{%above200daylow, low2 * 100}

stock is optionable
volume above 500000
weekly macd(2,3,1) below 0 last 4 weeks

add column DA
add column WE
add column hv%
add column VS
add column profit
add column rb20
add column rb50
add column rb200
add column %above200daylow
add column weekly macd(2,3,1)

weekly rsi(2) > weekly rsi(2) 1 day ago
/*draw rsi(2) crossing above weekly rsi(2)*/
draw weekly macd(2,3,1)
chart-type is Candlestick
draw Linear Regression (100)

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12/20/2009 9:35:06 PM

Hope this thread continues, right now it's mind boggling to me. Hope to learn by studying what you posted here.
Thanks for posting,

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2/9/2010 4:00:05 PM

...trying to catch up...trying some of the mentioned toolsabove
OXY is on sell side
sell 65%

unusual option volume

code grn 233900

ah bbloc sell

call % at 83% (seems calls being sold)

what's the data saying... the 65% sell eod seems serious

just trying to piece together
dumped of 29k shares hit in ah (as of4:57pm)

sorry off topic is this what to expect/reasoning on a isr top or bottom?

what am missing about graph?... sri 71.08

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2/10/2010 10:31:35 AM

- abelincoln
modified 2/9/2010 4:00:05 PM

call % at 83% (seems calls being sold)
what's the data saying... the 65% sell eod seems serious

No kidding!!
The market is still trending DOWN.

Ohhhhh! my apologies ...
Are you saying since we haven't broken the low of 02/05/10 (9,835), we may be headed back up???

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2/10/2010 10:54:47 AM

Market is going lower only **IF** we break Monday's low (9,904).
So far, THAT has not happened.

Thus far, in the last 3 days, we've made 3 higher highs, and 3 higher lows.

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2/10/2010 11:35:40 AM

The bottom is in!
Check your charts.
According to my charts, the bottom was 02/05/10.
(DOW 9,835)


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2/10/2010 1:09:57 PM

thatz exactly what I was trying 2 say :-)

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2/10/2010 3:08:04 PM


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