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12/16/2009 6:08:00 PM


Thank you for the kind words.

I've spoken to both IL (Nate) and Muddy over on IU and they would be happy to offer an instant promo discount of 25% to any SF member that would like to sign up for the free 14 day trial then subscribe to their service.

If anyone is interested,just respond here and I can ask them for a link for the discounted sign up.

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12/16/2009 9:50:23 PM

13th Floor, i would be interested to join in. Please let me know the process. I'd like to try their service.


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12/16/2009 10:27:26 PM

I don't want to discredit Muddy's contributions here or his trading style, but he and 13th_Floor are the same person. He created 13th as an alias on here a few years back. Do your'll become clear. I think Muddy/13th is a phenomenal trader, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of misleading people. 13th built up Muddy's credibility on the old Green on the Screen blog as Muddy's protege about 2-3 years back. Personally, I think Muddy is talented enough not to need a fake alias lend him credibility, but maybe that was an intentional marketing tactic to drum up follower of his free chat before he merged with IU and started charging. Anyway, let's just get this out in the open so everyone's aware and hopefully Muddy/13th will come clean. Like I said, I don't understand why he created an alias to gain credibility, but his contributions here over the years have been appreciated by many of us.

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12/16/2009 11:00:28 PM

I for one believe they are 2 diff people. I don't believe Muddy has anything to gain by creating aliases. I did follow his site for awhile and did the trial. The moderators and the top traders there are very generous with their time and knowledge. I'm not a subscriber.

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12/16/2009 11:22:44 PM

I believed the same until I looked into it, Moby. You're correct, the moderators are very generous with their time and knowledge. I don't have a bad thing to say about Muddy/13th. Just want to know the story behind the alias since 13th was and still is used to pump the IU chat on here. Moby, ever notice how 13th is never in the IU chat? Yet if you look at the forums on here you'll notice he posts a lot of excerpts from Muddy's chatroom comments about pre-gainers and stocks on the move. Look back at GOTS blog posts, IU chatroom comments and forum posts and you'll notice many other irrefutable similarities between Muddy and 13th. I'm not trying to stir up any controversy or discredit Muddy/13th, I just want the story of why 13th was created as an alias. Many others from the old GOTS chatroom know Muddy and 13th are the same person as well. Maybe some of them will chime in if they're reading this.

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12/16/2009 11:46:52 PM

if youre correct about the 13th alias, the idea is brilliant, a laid off machinist learns from muddy, so the postulation is well i can learn also, if you think you can emulate muddy's trades, remember he brags about 40 years trading experience! do you have that kind of time? how long can you sit at home trading and not making a profit? truthfully, 13s posts on here led me to their chat!

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12/16/2009 11:59:58 PM

Maybe 13th can clear this up for us, it doesn't matter to me if he is one of the same people..

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12/17/2009 12:13:30 AM

Muddy/13th teaches you to watch for trends, folks. That doesn't only apply to stocks. Look at the history of Muddy and 13th in this forum and on the old GOTS blog.

Here's one example of many. Muddy's Dark Side Trading blog had this post from Laura that is time stamped at 5:54pm: At 6:02pm 13th_floor is promoting that blog post here in the SF forum:

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Now THAT impresses me!

The funny part is 13th_floor was supposedly still on vacation in Hawaii according to what Muddy and Laura were saying in the IU chatroom. Subscribers were asking because they wanted 13th to come back and be a moderator too.

There's plenty of other evidence even more irrefutable than this, but I don't see a need to post. I'd rather have 13th just acknowledge the he is in fact Muddy so we can clear the air and move on.

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12/17/2009 12:29:10 AM


Are you kidding me?
You think I'm going to come clean yet?

I'm laughing my a$$ off at you,wasting your life digging up clues
Please continue, i love the entertainment

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12/17/2009 12:34:51 AM

You forgot a space after the first comma in your response, Muddy...I mean 13th. Funny thing is Muddy ALWAYS forgets that damn little space after the comma too! Just take a look at your...oops, I mean his...posts on any of the Dark Side Trading blogs:

I'm laughing my a$$ off too. Want more or ready to come clean?

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