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12/2/2009 1:03:20 AM

I've noticed that when the + and - di's wrap tightly around each other moving in the same direction for 3 to 4 days, that once it unwinds suddenly it will tell which direction to buy into very clearly.

For example IPI chart during the dates 11/12/09 and 11/16/09 and once again at 10/8/09 to 10/13/09 the di's almost form a single rope. Once the di's break apart it gives a clear and strong signal for the next 3 to 7 days.

Of course when looking at enough charts this is something you just observe but are never able to catch. Is there a way that SF could search for this setup in time for you to take the right side of the trade.

Thanks ahead of time.


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12/2/2009 8:14:23 AM

I tried this code:

DI(14) Difference equal 1 for last 2 days
stocks are optionable
close above 25
add column di(14) difference

but it's not really what I want. If you look at SLB on 9/2 - 9/3 for two days the difference was in the decimals. How would I write this in SF.

Thanks for the help,


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12/2/2009 9:18:25 AM

For example:

set{my_diff, PDI - MDI}
set{abs_diff, abs(my_diff)}
set{spring, count(abs_diff less than 1,5)}

show stocks where spring is above 3
and average volume(50) is above 50000
and draw +DI
and draw -DI

and do not draw spring
and add column spring
sort on column 5 descending

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12/3/2009 7:25:27 PM

Hey Bill,

check this site out: It'll give you more food for thought.

I have bought their book on ADX, and I have studied it, but my SF coding skills are not as advanced as I would wish them to be. Your observations are very good, and there is a great deal of information present when you change the "typical" parameters of ADX/DMI.

I will attempt to post more soon; my current efforts are more in the day-trading realm but I too want to be able to generate
statistics like the RFR screen based on certain ADX/DMI criteria.

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