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11/9/2009 3:38:16 PM

Gentlemen and ladies, Is there a particular type of filter best to hunt for strangles? SF01
Thanks in advance for any help.

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11/9/2009 7:42:45 PM

You would need a filter that identifies, in advance, when a stock is about to make a very major move either up or down. It seems unlikely to me that a filter to do that consistently could be constructed with the tools available here. Not that the tools here are bad, but most of the tools available are useful for identifying when a stock might be headed in one direction or another but not necessarily either way. Maybe someone could prove me wrong though.

Strangles seem, to me at least, to have a low win probability for most trading opportunities. Seems like the only thing that's a sure thing about a strangle is that at least one side of your trade will expire worthless. Whether the other side of the trade wins enough to make up for the loss is the $64,000 question.

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11/9/2009 8:47:58 PM

It seems that earnings plays are popular with strangle/straddle strategies. You might get some good ideas on


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11/10/2009 1:27:05 AM

Tops and bottoms of major resistance ......... wedge or triangle patterns, could break etiher way or tight 10 day patterns ?.... I would think BIo stocks with FDA news expected they usally explode one way or the other...... I find that kind of info to be hard to come buy.....

When you find out be sure to post it up......

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