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11/1/2009 11:52:16 AM

SITUATION: 1) Have 15k ready to risk. (don't have the 25k to qualify as PDTe) Have it, just not in my account.

2) Access to trading platform limited (available for market open & sporadic during the day say , 5 short visits)

3) can make trades frequently on i phone.

What filter or type of filter would y'all suggest, have several ready to go, just thought I poll based on my situation. I was thing something lile TRO's slowcooker set on Sunday night.

Any thoughts, criticism, suggestions or filters welcome. Have a good Sunday Stockfetchers.

SF from New Orleans

PS: Need the money to finish my house. Roof blew off, that is fixed but interior stalled waiting for house to be raised.

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11/1/2009 12:02:48 PM

You need the money to fix your house, so you want to start day-trading??

Are you an experienced trader? I would guess that you are not, if you are asking people for trading strategies.

My advice - save your money, rather than put it at risk and start day trading after a massive 60% rally that appears to be running out of gas. Professional traders are happy to see people like you put their money at risk.

I made a similar mistake over the past year - tried to time the market without any real experience, and got fried alive. I learned one thing from the experience ... practice any system on paper for several months BEFORE putting any real money at risk. You learn from making mistakes, so make them trading on paper first.

Be careful.


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11/1/2009 12:23:21 PM

Thanks for the advise Kevin as usual. Been paper trading for a while and doing pretty good not using filters, just tech analysis by hand. Made a killing on SIRI, bought large position at .37, money allocated is risk capital mostly form that one trade (I am playing with the houses money so to speak). I admit I am a gambler by nature but cautious. I was looking at my self as more "short term trader" than day trader. My new plan is to stick with IBD 100 stocks, Just hoping someone had something better or idea better than I am using, I am new to trading and especially filters. Thanks Kevin

Sf from new Orleans

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11/1/2009 1:48:52 PM

May I recommend Kevin and Bar Tune's Volatility strategy:
Also I recommend following Eman's swing trading strategies:
TRO's got threads dating back to 2003 chocked full of gold nuggets; takes a while to read through them all. If your real motivated to dig in and check out some good ideas read holygrails threads starting from the begining of 2003.

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11/1/2009 4:54:26 PM

If you have consitantly made money paper trading your method. why change?

The more you get hung up on filters and indicators the more clouded things become......

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