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10/18/2009 1:19:15 AM


Thanks for the help!

Unfortuantely, I still don't get any hits! Maybe it has something to do with the way I setup my watchlists? I don't know. I tried both watchlist options:Portfolio and Advanced Filter Matching. No change. I then tried the filter on two different browzers: Firefox and Internet Explorer. Same results, nothing.

I wonder if it might have something to do with the fact that my subsciption is at the Standard level?

I don't get it. It's got to be something real simple. I'll fool around with it some more and try to get a hold of someone at StockFetcher.

I really appreciate your efforts.



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10/18/2009 8:14:20 AM

My subscription is at the standard level - that can't be it.

Make sure that you are referring to them correctly typos would cause that problem as well. If you have created a new watchlist set using the stocks I found to be optionable, and gave it another name, use that name and not IBD1, ...

Also run a debug on your filter if you are not using the one I posted (which seems to work right now).

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10/18/2009 8:29:06 AM

Kevin: I understand you stopped buying new stocks using the strategy? or you just waiting for the market to move up again then continue your strategy? are you still updating your stocks according to their ratings?



Yeah, I came to a crossroads (cashwise) about two weeks ago - the system required me to commit to another 12 stocks at $1000 per stock, with about $25K already in the system at that time. I was growing concerned that I had too much long exposure going into October. Also, the yield to date at that time was weak - about 1-2% after six weeks, nothing to write home about, but it has rebounded since then.

This approach is playing out exactly as it had backtested - so far it is 11 for 11 on profitable trades, averaging 14.8% per trade. This is better than historical results of 80.1% wins and 9.25% yield per trade (backtested on 1020 completed trades from 2005 through August of this year) but the at only 11 trades the current sample size is too small to make a statistically valid comparison just yet.

However, there are many ways to invest/trade, and I am interested in looking at other strategies as well (see my 5% a week filter thread as an example).

To answer your second question, I am not updating the list currently, because these really shouldn't have dropped too much given the continued rally - the only component that may have shifted is their acc/dist rating, (and in the case of ACOR any momentum rating has been thrown about quite a bit).

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10/18/2009 9:57:05 AM


I figured it out. It works as advertised now. The fix was so simple, I'm embarrassed to say. Let's say operator error. I wasn't inputting the the symbols properly.

Thanks again,

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10/19/2009 10:15:29 AM

Press Release
Source: Allion Healthcare, Inc.
On 11:54 pm EDT, Sunday October 18, 2009

MELVILLE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Allion Healthcare, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALLI - News) today announced that it has entered into a definitive merger agreement for the Company to be acquired and taken private by an affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, LLC, a leading global private investment firm, in a transaction valued at approximately $278 million, including the assumption or repayment of approximately $79 million of indebtedness. The agreement was unanimously approved by Allionís Board of Directors, including a Special Committee of independent directors.

Not surprisingly - ALLI is up about 19% this morning.

UPDATE: ALLI ended up +19.12% at $6.48. In the BB portfolio, it is now up +6.23% .

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10/19/2009 7:09:38 PM

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10/19/2009 9:46:34 PM

Congrats. on alli.
Spoke to chrisian for long time today in
He will be in chat for 1st hour of trading and again for the last hour
There will be a lot more vidieos coming out shortly related to the BB's and other tech.information.
Did you get my e-mail?

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10/19/2009 10:26:53 PM

ALLI and ACOR were more luck than skill.

No email as of this evening. Retry at kevin_mcgrath at comcast dot net

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10/20/2009 6:07:36 AM


Here are the Standard & Poors and MSN top stocks (as of 10/16/09) you might want to add to your watch list:

Standard & Poors Five -Star Stocks (max rating)
adct ahl amat amt apa arrs aste auo avt bac bmy bucy cbl cci celg ceo chd chrw chs cl coh cop csc cvs cvx d dfs dpl dpz wog esrx ew fast fdo flex fls fpl gigm gild gis glf gme gpc gpn hme hon hpq ibm itt jec jpm kmp ko len life lltc mcd mchp mck mfe mhs mo mth mtw mtl ne nyb odfl oke osk plxs ppg ptr rdy rig rnow sjm sni spg sre stt t tcb ter teva tol tot trmk trv twc ua udr uri usg vrsn vrtx win wmt wsh xom

MSN 10 rating stocks (max)
accl adpi agnc ais algn amx anw apc api arex arun atw au baby bap becn bke bmrn bre bvn cf cfk cfnb cfsg cisg clda cnbka cnq cnqr coh colm coms cpa cpwr csx ctrp ctsh cymi dlr do dps driv dtpi dvn ebay eca eclp egn ego eig elx emn endp enh eog eqix erts esio esl ess fds fire fpu gco ge gg glf grmn gvp hcp hifs hls hmy hoc igoi isrg jbt jmp jnpr jst keyn knot lgcy lmat lps lrcx lsi lwsn mhp mir mlr mtz myl nbl ncmi ned netl neu nktr nrgp nsc nstc nuan nwsa nxy nymt ocn oln opnt osg pcti pdli pgh pjc pkg plx powi powl ppdi psem pti ptv pxd rnow rpm rrc rx sbs scl se sepr sfsf sgp skx sph tcx ter tga tho tibx tlm ts twtc udr uil ulti unf v vasc vocs vrsn vrx vsat vsec wpp wts wxs wy xto yhoo zmh

Appreciate your sharing


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10/20/2009 11:38:05 AM

Hi Kevin,

The market seems like it is entering into a 'correction' phase, and ROVI - your screen's top pick right now - seems to be pulled down with it.

I don't know if the question has been asked to you before, but In cases like this when the S&P has hit a high, would you advise going ahead and buying your screen's top pick (against the grain), or is it better to wait until the market overall (S&P) dips?
--- As well, can you create a backtest and give us the results to determine which move is better?

I would predict that it's better to have the force of the S&P behind you, versus against you, which would lead me to avoid buying ROVI for another 3-4 weeks (2nd week of November 2009).

What do you think?

Thank you Kevin.

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