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9/27/2009 7:49:42 PM

Hello Kevin,

I have spent Sunday afternoon reading thru this entire thread. Also researching Willain's book and studies.

Have you made any conclusions about emulating some of his work with BB(20,2) as mentioned on page 14 of the thread.

Would be nice to be able to apply the Willain data before jumping into or outof a particular stock.

Great thread, keep up the good work.


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9/27/2009 8:26:54 PM

I also reviewed the Willians web site and read his statements about using his program. I may be wrong but seems to me he makes it very clear that he is looking for people to promote and use his system. Curently there are 4 that he mentions using it, Trade Station being one of them. Have not gone beyond the reading part due to a busy wknd here. He does ask that if anyone uses it that he would appreciate if the made any improvements or added to it to in form him of it, perhaps so he could use it also.

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9/27/2009 8:43:13 PM

Effective Volume is an intraday calculation beyond what SF can do currently. I admit I too am intrigued by it, but for now am going to stick with the BB system as it currently stands.

As I suggested to a24ali, EV is a topic that deserves its own thread. I would trade off of its signals without using Bollinger Bands if I were to adopt it as a trading system, since the BB system is pullback-based and EV is based on large player money flow (which precedes pullbacks).

I see EV as a great tool to pick stocks to short, rather than ones to go long.

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9/27/2009 11:32:26 PM

I came across this last nite, thought might interest you.


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9/28/2009 11:04:33 AM

The vix (9,20) BB strategy strikes again Kevin, I have taken profits with the SPY up 16 points .....

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9/28/2009 12:47:26 PM

Glad to hear, BarTune.

But remember - you placed the bet and closed the trade profitably, not me. Good play on your part.

I'm assuming you closed out when it crossed the 5DMA as you usually do, or did you let it run a bit?

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9/28/2009 1:24:59 PM

we had a buy signal the past two days .... so i bought and doubled up Thursday and Friday ... i should exit positions today with a cross of the 5dma ... however, this morning, with the dow up around 130 ... I closed out 60% of my positions fearing a pullback ...

my personal feelings are that the market may run till month end .... and then reverse the first of next month ...

in any event if the market continues to run, we will likely get a VIX / SPY sell signal at which time I will begin to short ...

kinda like a see saw ride

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9/28/2009 4:14:43 PM

Got confirmation signals on RMD, OFG and CRGN today.

I bought these right before today's close:

RMD - in at $44.61
OFG - in at $13.30
CRGN - in at $1.33

I'll update the portfolio on post #1 of this thread later tonight once final numbers are in, but it looks like the open trades portfolio was up about 1.5% today.

No confirmation for GENT today (another down day, will keep this on the radar screen).

RIMM did not confirm today (closed at $66.38 down -$2.48 (-3.60%)). Should have waited and followed only after confirmation - what good is a system if I do not follow it???? That is a rhetorical question of course ....

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9/28/2009 7:58:42 PM


RIMM looks good to me - I use Trading Markets as one of my primary screening sources - RIMM is rated a 9 as of the close today - take a look at the chart - it indicates the times RIMM has been rated 9 or higher this year.,9,10&cma200=2&sym=RIMM


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9/28/2009 9:43:39 PM

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