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3/22/2009 8:52:29 PM

Given that I am such a newbie to SF and not quite sure what I am doing at the present moment in terms of drawing indicators (guess I haven't memorized the user manual yet) --- need all the help I can get. Latest Stock and Commodities magazine mentioned this site..

Very impressive (at least to me)... been running my scans via SF and sometimes setting up watch list on this site based on my SF results.

Might deserve a look see for newbie's like me.

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3/22/2009 10:48:29 PM

Thanks for sharing.

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3/23/2009 1:43:32 AM

welcome aboard, I've learned more from members of this forum than from any other ... there are some really brilliant traders here

i agree ... is pretty good

also, give this a try ... ... subscription required after 30-day free trial ... courtesy of latest newsletter from

p.s., you can post links using html ... here's an Online HTML Code Generator

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3/23/2009 12:06:00 PM


Thanks for the info.....

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3/23/2009 12:35:07 PM

bestfreecharts ...
NOT always in REAL time.
Be carfeul!

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3/23/2009 4:26:03 PM

I've been trading successfully with since I discovered them a couple of months ago. I supplement their charts with (via my Interactive Brokers feed) for those times when BFC skips a beat.

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