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2/19/2009 4:26:59 PM

I just got this email a few days ago and, after watching the demo video, was wondering what technicals he, Les Schwartz, uses to calculate those breakout and exhaustion bands and the "risk oscillator". Any ideas?



Following, in its entirety, is a letter I received form one of our long time DecisionBar subscribers last night. I believe this says it all. Bold Face was added by me.

Hi Les,

Jackie and I are getting settled in our new home in Canada, but man there has been a lot of snow, and much colder than I remembered.

I made $18k on RIMM today thanks to DecisionBar, so the software is still more than paying for itself, and that is probably the understatement of the year. Decision Bar has probably paid for itself for the next 50 years (hopefully I will live that long) LOL.

I can't imagine why you are not signing up hundreds of thousands of new users (and having said that, don't go increasing my subscription rate). Seriously though, this program is worth far more than what you charge for it, and of course you know that it works in any market. I just can't understand why people pay thousands of dollars for software that does not work, when there is a program available that virtually anyone can afford that generates consistent profits overall in virtually any market.

If you read the manual, know that you will not win every trade, follow the guidelines, and stick to your strategy, you will make money!

Thank you so much,



For more information, please visit our website at:

FYI - Here is a portion of yesterday's chart of RIMM:

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2/19/2009 4:42:03 PM

This guy sounds like a used car salesman.

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