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12/31/2008 1:47:04 PM

I am asking for help because I don't know how to phrase this. I have always liked to use MA6 and 8 crossover on the 60minute/10day and they produce some great results. I went back and looked at all my successful trades and they all followed the exact same pattern. Take a look:


Those are just some of my actual trades and then some other examples.

Do you know how to write a filter that changes the values to 60m/10d instead of daily?

Generally speaking, the best filters that I like are stockfetcher's 3 default prefabricated filters:
Narrow 45-day Channel Near Bottom
Narrow 45-day Channel Near Top
45-day increasing slope channel (this is my favorite which produces great results)

I don't know how to edit their prefabricated filters nor do I know how to write the filter so it produces results for 60m/10d.


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1/2/2009 1:22:05 PM

Thanks for everyone's help.

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1/2/2009 10:40:46 PM


What you are asking is impossible. Only daily and 20 min delayed daily (during trading hours) is availible. Check out the recent link below:


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1/2/2009 11:20:23 PM

Ok, thank you for letting me know. I didn't know if sf could handle my request or not.

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1/3/2009 1:11:34 PM

Make that 20 minute MINIMUM delayed quotes.

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