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12/14/2008 2:07:33 AM

ran across it, flying high!

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12/14/2008 8:29:07 AM

that's a nice find...right now InteractiveBrokers has borrows short on it so i'll monitor for the start of red breakdown.
the last time BZCN ran like this it fell off a cliff on 11/18

A higher priced one with 9 straight white candles and 4 straight rsi(2) 99's is, MAXY is nearing $8 from $4 at the beginning of it's run.....borrows on ib also

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12/14/2008 6:45:34 PM

classic penny stock pattern!

OZN, interesting chart!

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12/14/2008 10:07:01 PM

VNBC..Jr,did you see that move..from .07 to hod .96 in 2 2 days later off that .96(never broke the even $1 mark) to close at .29 Friday.

SRZ is the hot daytrading stock right now..wild swings....the highest ADR10 out there over $1 with 35.71%!

I'm pretty much following Muddy on this one..
his trades so far on it:

12/5 long average .90 to 1.12 ..3/$3500 trades
12/8 long 1.28 to 1.48
12/9 short 2.48 to 2.28
12/9 long 2.20 to 2.53
12/9 short 2 to 2.21 (loser)
12/10 short 1.97 to 1.68
12/11 short 1.83 to 1.51
12/12 short 1.68 to 1.60
12/12 long 1.34 to 1.68

You gotta love this volatility!

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12/16/2008 2:13:19 AM

Did you catch WGAT? I did not see it on the scans, should of left off the volume on the scans!

I will say this, I believe that the next year 2009 will be a penny stockers dream come true!

13th, I think next year, you will be rich!

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12/16/2008 6:38:23 AM

NEXT YEAR?????????????????????? : )

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12/16/2008 7:07:57 AM

Yes I caught WGAT pretty much right from the start as I got an alert from Muddy...

[Mon Dec 15_09:37:54 EST 2008] Muddy WGAT huge
[Mon Dec 15_09:40:06 EST 2008] bbtrader WGAT more from Muddys mention .17
[Mon Dec 15_09:44:05 EST 2008] Muddy WGAT .18
and so on with a steady climb...
[Mon Dec 15_09:49:21 EST 2008] Muddy .30 coming WGAT
[Mon Dec 15_09:49:32 EST 2008] Muddy 332%
on up to hod .345

Scans can only do so trading and knowing "former runners" combined with a tool such as the Scottrade HOD scrolling list is the key to huge profits like this imo.
And no I'll never be rich because I like to spend it,but freedom and not having to "work" is all I ask,not riches in the money sense

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12/16/2008 2:59:55 PM

Hi 13th!

Is it possible to take a screenshot of the Scott HOD list and post on your blog or Muddys blog about the "former" runners?

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12/16/2008 8:53:51 PM


WGAT was NOTHING compared to ANSV today.
19 minutes before open......

[Tue Dec 16_09:11:03 EST 2008] Muddy ANSV phase 3 news
[Tue Dec 16_09:20:39 EST 2008] skater789 in ANSV at .21
[Tue Dec 16_09:31:02 EST 2008] Muddy in ANSV .235

I took it from .24 to .50 for cool 100%+ gain
Muddy from .235 to .60!

Bunch of folks in chat overnighted it...afterhours close near .85!!!!!!

Also banked ARSD..

[Tue Dec 16_13:11:45 EST 2008] Muddy ARSD right on 1
[Tue Dec 16_13:13:22 EST 2008] Muddy ARSD might climb that 1 mark

Another nice 40%!

And because we've been tracking IVVI on it's squeeze/volume/breakout from yesterday:
[Tue Dec 16_10:18:59 EST 2008] Muddy low vol pop IVVI
That was at around .63 and jumped it
Went on to hit hod 1.07,closed out .95 for another nice gain of 50%

Daytrading rules!
Keeps me away from Phila for another few months!
alltime high of 219 in chat today,I can see why.

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12/17/2008 2:08:15 AM

wow, thats impressive!

When you lost your job and you required the services of your old friend Muddy, did you think you would have progressed this far?

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