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12/5/2008 4:20:07 PM

lctrcbddha, best idea yet. lol.

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12/5/2008 9:05:22 PM

We need Sheriff Joe go to Afghanistan and Pakistan and kick some booty. Let him be in charge of the jail system over there. Those prisoners would be model world citizens in a short time frame under his tutorship.

Also, since we are on the kick of assigning jobs. I think our new car czar should be. Senator Shelby, and that Tennessean Senator as his right hand man. Since they know so much about the car industry lets see if those two wacky southern boys can show America how they can turn the car industry around. Those two jerks have the foreign car companies noses right up their butts and they love every nose job. We should ask them what they did before they became foreign auto hos. They probably wont tell you because the back end massaging their getting from our countries competitors makes their memory go dim.

Hey in 3 years this all will be just a nightmare dream. You all will be zooming around in your all electric vehicles running over bikers and blind people that didn't hear you from behind. Lawyers will love it. Our air will be so clean your body systems will be so sterile and our ice caps will be refreezing itself like the old days, ah yes. Then we will look at our utility bill and have the BIG ONE. Nice huh.

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12/5/2008 11:43:14 PM

12/5/2008 2:15:12 PM

Sheriff Joe Arpaio ??? Seriously ???

Other than forcing Arizona inmates to live in outdoor (Gitmo-like) jail cells...

... and dressing'em up in PINK jumpsuits...what has that asshat ever done ? LOL

Come on Rumpled, get real !


Sheriff Joe figures that prisoners shouldn't live better than our soldiers fighting abroad.


Ask yourself why does Sheriff Joe keep getting REELECTED??

Sheriff Joe would have the border problem solved in about 30 days.


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12/6/2008 12:24:01 AM

Rumpled...come on...admit it...

------------------------------------------------------'ve got a drawer full of these drawers...



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12/6/2008 8:06:26 AM


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12/6/2008 10:38:14 AM

No, I don't.

Send me a pair.

Men's waist 34.

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12/6/2008 12:19:02 PM

Order'em yourself !

Here ya go ..



Merry Christmas !!!

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12/6/2008 12:56:35 PM

One of the biggest fallacies about this whole bailout is the idea that if we don't give the Big 3 their danegeld, they'll simply go away and usher in a depression. This is NOT what will happen.

Assuming Congress tells them to pound sand, what will happen is that one by one each of them will either consider merging or outright sale first. If/when those transactions don't happen, the next step will be bankruptcy and reorganization.

Bankruptcy is NOT the evil bugaboo that will make them disappear. From this perspective they are correct --- they are too big to fail. The bankruptcy and reorganization will allow them to shake off the parasitic UAW contracts as well as the over-promised employee pension plans and healthcare programs. Maybe they'll also give the gold-plated board members and executives the boot also.

Yes, we the people will pick up the pension plans through the gov't programs already in place. Guess what: we're going to anyway regardless of the bailout status.

But what will happen is that these companies will emerge anew, leaner and meaner, without the monstrous overhead they already carry (i.e., $2k on each car just for employee healthcare in GM's case), and the union involvement should be drastically reduced (too much to hope for ended entirely, but reduced is good). Hopefully they will have learned lessons about basic capitalism throughout this -- build good cars that people want, stop spending money on fighting CAFE standards, and tell the unions to stick it.

They're not going to go away. They will be altered, and for the better. The kindest thing we can do now is let them "fail" so they can regroup and succeed in the future. It is also the best thing for the nation, and it preserves the spirit of free enterprise, capitalism, and consequences for poor business management.

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12/6/2008 5:07:24 PM

Something I haven't heard anyone here mention is...

...the Buyer Incentives...the Rebates...the 0% Financing Deals...Employee Discount Programs...etc etc...


All of these sorts of "carrots" that the Car Manufacturers dangle out there to try and lure potential buyers ...HAS to be a HUGE drag on their bottom lines.

Not sure what the solution is but it seems to me that before there can be ANY hope for these guys to reach...or, even come close to (once again) profitability...

...those incentives have to go the way of the Corvair ! imo

Thoughts ?



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12/6/2008 9:38:24 PM

The beauty if you want to call it that is we all have our freedoms to say our mind. Obviously, there is something we all know that has to be done. Everyone involved in the auto arena has to sacrifice equally. If the salary staffs, I don't mean the executives but the salary worker bees, had been sacrificing more than the others then, the other auto parties must equalize the sacrifices as they have. Intelligent balancing of the pain will reduce the cost of the car to once again compete with foreign companies that came into the business on a different playing level.

Let's face it, I don't think anyone wants to take the pension away from a 75 year old couple that relies on one pension check and has seen that pension check value diminish over the years since they retired. Also stripping away medical insurance amongst workers younger than 65 (before they can receive Medicare) that had over 30 years of service for that company. It sounds good on paper to just cut that away from those senior workers and retirees. But in human compassion terms it would be horrible.

You mention its ok to let one, two or all of those companies just fail and turn to dust or get bought up. Yes, if that happened you and I sure would pay dearly for that. Yes, we will pay some now on giving them the loan but to play Russian Roulette with what would or could happen to yours and my economy well its too much to gamble. I say we give them the loan money up to a certain point in time. If it doesn't work out the Car Czar and his staff will try to find a buyer or buyers for the company(s) that just cant make it. Or, just sell all the assets off to pay the bills and if any money left over put into the retirees pension fund(s). Selling the assets off by the way would be a mind boggling if not impossible process. Probably not feasible.

Bottom line is stop talking about giving up the ship. Thats not our American nature. We fight till the last drop of hope. Let's not be wimps, quitters like we were in Viet Nam. What made our nation great was persevering through rough waters. In 2 years you will look back and be glad we forged ahead.

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