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10/20/2008 3:48:17 PM

I've decided that the current market is too much of a mess for me right now to test any strategies or do any meaningful trading and a full time job. I'm taking the next month off and I need a book.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for Books about trading? Swing trading, or Day trading?


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10/21/2008 8:23:23 AM

Guess I'll go first.

Some I've learned from (I'll skip the useless garbage that clutters the "sell" pile):

Come into my trading room..........Elder
Trading in the zone...............Mark Douglas
New market wizards series.............Schwager

don't forget the moose and tradinggoddess.blogspot

Careful using the laptop while in the hot tub.

e-mail me at scorpiondx3 at gmail dot com, I may have some on pdf

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10/21/2008 1:17:47 PM

Here is a site that has a nice selection of trading books

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10/21/2008 4:09:14 PM

Trading for a living by Dr. Elder, especially the chapter on trader psychology. A must

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10/21/2008 6:05:58 PM

Thanks so much guys!

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10/21/2008 9:20:36 PM

Here's some good reads from people who really trade for a living.Stock Market Wizards by Jack Schwager,there are two,both are good.How I made $2,000,000 in the stock market by N.Darvas.How I trade for a living by Gary Smith.Reminiscences of a stock operator by E.Lefevre.Hit and Run trading by Jeff Cooper,there are two,both are good.Good luck.....

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