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8/6/2008 10:33:55 PM

sorry..the above is 3 -4 stocks!

sorry for the error

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8/6/2008 11:24:39 PM

Riggs,let me get this straight,you will wait 1-2 days at a loss with no stops before your profitable? You must be very confident in your filter.I'm afraid to even ask what the downside looks like.Whats the % of times that your right?? Mike......

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8/7/2008 8:37:50 AM

So is it typical for you to jump in on these near the end of day when you spot the divergence? SF is delayed 15 minutes so what is the typical time you make your entries? (Another reason we need real time stats from SF!) What is your profit stop or average number of days held? I can see from the stats that the W/L Ratio is fairly high on this but I am just trying to eliminate as many false moves as possible. I also think the short possibilities here are just as good as any short filter I have seen. Do you short these as well?

Drew9 -

As far as intraday is concerned, Just look for Will / RSI divergement. Or divergement from EITHER indicator at the bottom of the chart. Granted, there are more false signals intraday then there are EOD, and if that bothers you, just enter your trades after 3:PM when the Bond market closes.

Profitabilitiy wise? It really varies. It's different all the time, unless I'm using stocks that I've used in the past. Now I've only been using this method for a little over a year, so I haven't had many stocks that have rolled over too often..but there have been a few. You cant calculate an average hold time because again, every entry & exit are all different animals. It's like that, we are all different in so many different
ways. Stocks are the same. Some only rise 1%, and some rise 1-3%. The difference maker in all of them is mother market. When she's in a good mood, her children (stocks) tend to be joyous & playful.

...and yes, this really is a bitchin' "short" filter when you make some slight adjustments to it. In fact, it's almost a better short filter than it is a short term long filter because stocks tend to fall faster than they do rising. Just one thing...only short it when the market is in overbought territory.


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8/7/2008 9:05:26 AM

Killerdude -

To "narrow down" selections, you can sort the filter with my fundamentals at the far right of the dashboard...i.e "PE, EPS, ROI" Stocks with a higher "EPS" tend to move much faster than stocks with a lower "EPS." Another way is to sort the "adval." This is how I turned TheRumpledOne's "WARM ZOOM LENS" display into an actual filter a couple of years ago, by simply sorting all stocks at their highest level (above 75 or 80) on the "adval." This ranks stocks for their institutional interest. When these stocks are above "80", and WILL & RSI are in oversold levels, you can almost guarantee a pop in price when the two diverge. That's why I adopted it (stole it), and renamed it "Accumulation Warm Pop-80." Hey, someone needed to!

These are just a couple creative ways to cut down the noise...
(amount of selections)


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8/8/2008 11:58:48 AM

I have a question about finding bottoms that I haven't seen discussed. Would a scan to find double bottom in stochastics work? Something that would show stochastics hit 0, then rise, then fall again to 0... Would that be helpful, and how could I set it up:? I seem to be having problems wording my scans so they reflect accurately.
Thanks for your help.

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8/8/2008 2:19:12 PM

Char41 -

It's not perfect, but you'll get a plethera of "Double Bottoms"
out of this. And if the 2nd bottom is too early for your liking,
just "offset " it for a couple of days

Fetcher[Slow Stochastics(5,3) crossed below 25 1-day ago
Close reached a new 2-week low within the last 10-days
Add column slow stochastics(5,3)
Volume is above 100000
Sort column 5 ascending
close is above 1
Offset 0


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