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4/10/2008 9:47:16 AM

SPF did IT again today.... pop from 5.25 to 5.50 +

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4/10/2008 10:33:27 AM

I got a piece of that too ... $5.20 - $5.32.

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4/10/2008 11:35:36 AM

"It's because of this phrase, "This filter was posted a long time ago. But SOME PEOPLE would rather complain than learn how to make money." If you had been around long enough you would know what that means and why I'm sticking my nose where it appropriately belongs."

Hey, that was my filter!! Well, after picking TRO and Niko's brain that is...

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4/11/2008 10:56:01 AM

5.25 - 5.31 today, another $50 bill. A technical mistake on my part left at least $70 more on the table.

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4/11/2008 11:23:09 AM

Well, I entered at $5.20 and exited at $5.44

24 cents is 4.6% gross return in 2 hours.

Of course, I left some on the table.

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4/11/2008 2:09:57 PM

Chip, please tell me what is the trigger you use as entry point ?
I'm very interested to see how this works.

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4/12/2008 9:36:18 AM

I'm better at picking entry points later in the day, and have a lot of trouble being quick enough during the open. That said, the trigger is basically "price is going up, now might be a good time to buy some". I had to stay in this trade for way longer than I like. Had I been as quick as TRO, I'd have been in & out in just a few seconds with my $50.

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4/14/2008 2:03:20 AM

SPF making lower highs, lower lows but white candles.

Someone asked about ENTRY TRIGGERS.

I use a 30 minute candles and go long on green candles.

The reason I use 30 minute candles is because SPF is a NYSE stock and the price usually follows the normal reversal periods:


As you will see, there are key times that we look for during the trading day as being pivotal. Most days, the action centers around those times. Other times of the day are more suitable for a trip to the gas station or lawn bowling; Here are the pivot times we look at for signs of life: (All times are EST)

9:30-9:50...Approx first 20 minutes of trading day. Time when beginning traders lose money on whipsaws and experienced ones capture quick profits. Avoid if you are the former.

9:50-10:10..Oftimes a period of reversal for early morning trades. Market begins to settle into reality as early morning traders take their profits and swing traders look for opportunities.

10:10 to 10:25...usually a continuation of whatever trend was set up in last period.

10:25-10:35 ...A decision point for traders. Many times a turning point reversal or accelerated continuation of previous setup.

11:15-2:00...go bowling...this is the "dangerous time of day" . Traders lunch out and scalpers try to push the indices around to make a quarter here or there. usually begins to pick up steam:

2:30-3:00...called the 3:00 bubble, even on weak days can show strength into the next pivot point

3:05..if last period was just a bubble, will begin to break here, Otherwise can be a good pivot point.

3:25-3:35...for trending days, this is the time when trends tend to play out

3:40-3:45...can see reversals or acceleration into the close. Reason is that all floor traders have their MOC orders in and everyone has a pretty good idea where the closing range will be.

:: Henry Ford ::

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Yes, those are SQUIGGLEYS on the chart. But I use as a SELECTION tool not a trading tool.

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4/15/2008 9:36:35 AM

Did anyone catch the SPF pop this morning $5.20 - 5.34?

Did anyone catch the second SPF pop this morning $5 - 5.20?

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4/15/2008 8:19:24 PM

Welcome to SF chip, you got it going on man, good luck in the future, dont get caught up in all these filters, too numerous, if what you are doing is working, stick with it, like they say, (If it aint broke, dont fix it)

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