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1/22/2008 11:07:18 AM

got 5 milion in feb calls while aapl at <148 at open today- then got another 8 million while it was at 154 will be to >190 before exp in feb-the secret is in spades tody for the whole marktet--watch and learnDescription,Last Update,Created On,Transaction,Order Quantity,Quantity Filled,Price,Type,Duration,Status
AAPL Feb 08 220.00 Call,2008/01/22 09:44:17,2008/01/22 09:44:15,Buy To Open,4000,4000,0.4,Market,Day,Filled
AAPL Feb 08 200.00 Call,2008/01/22 09:43:41,2008/01/22 09:43:36,Buy To Open,4000,4000,1.4,Market,Day,Filled
AAPL Feb 08 210.00 Call,2008/01/22 09:43:09,2008/01/22 09:43:08,Buy To Open,4000,4000,0.73,Market,Day,Filled
AAPL Feb 08 210.00 Call,2008/01/22 09:42:38,2008/01/22 09:42:38,Buy To Open,4000,4000,0.73,Market,Day,Filled
AAPL Feb 08 200.00 Call,2008/01/22 09:42:09,2008/01/22 09:42:07,Buy To Open,4000,4000,1.35,Market,Day,Filled
AAPL Feb 08 195.00 Call,2008/01/22 09:40:41,2008/01/22 09:40:40,Buy To Open,4000,4000,1.82,Market,Day,Filled
AAPL Feb 08 190.00 Call,2008/01/22 09:39:37,2008/01/22 09:39:34,Buy To Open,4000,4000,2.4,Market,Day,Filled
AAPL Feb 08 185.00 Call,2008/01/22 09:38:57,2008/01/22 09:38:56,Buy To Open,3000,3000,3.2,Market,Day,Filled
AAPL Feb 08 180.00 Call,2008/01/22 09:37:56,2008/01/22 09:37:55,Buy To Open,2100,2100,4.15,Market,Day,Filled
AAPL Feb 08 175.00 Call,2008/01/22 09:37:17,2008/01/22 09:37:11,Buy To Open,1800,1800,5.45,Market,Day,Filled
AAPL Feb 08 170.00 Call,2008/01/22 09:36:31,2008/01/22 09:36:29,Buy To Open,1300,1300,7,Market,Day,Filled
AAPL Feb 08 165.00 Call,2008/01/22 09:35:57,2008/01/22 09:35:56,Buy To Open,1100,1100,8.8,Market,Day,Filled
AAPL Feb 08 160.00 Call,2008/01/22 09:35:23,2008/01/22 09:35:21,Buy To Open,800,800,11.1,Market,Day,Filled
AAPL Feb 08 155.00 Call,2008/01/22 09:34:52,2008/01/22 09:34:51,Buy To Open,500,500,13.5,Market,Day,Filled

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1/22/2008 11:44:28 AM

How much in real money do you have riding on AAPL? I am concerned about weaker guidance going forward for them. I think the stock trades forty points lower at 120.

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1/22/2008 12:01:18 PM

Ditto. AAPL will beat the number but will either lower their guidance or will report a larger than usual inventory. For those who remember Cisco back in 2000, you would recall that they too consecutively cranked out numbers better than the consensus. Well, until that fateful day when Cisco stated in a tongue-in-cheek manner that their inventory wasn't shrinking. The rest is pretty much history.

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1/22/2008 3:31:41 PM


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1/22/2008 5:26:11 PM

Well, it ain't surprising that AAPL is down more than $17 in the after-hours. Shame, shame.

BTW, just how much is Mary's 5 milion useless contracts worth now?

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1/23/2008 4:03:14 AM

This sheep feels like it's trying to be forced to eat a thistle.

Repeat play in AAPL,ala SLB.Big gap down and down some more taking $COMPX down with it.

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1/23/2008 12:34:25 PM

Mary's earnings call is much like playing Russian roulette—either you come out alive or ure dead. There is no alternative. Likewise, Mary's earnings plays are equally extreme in that it will either make or break you. Unfortunately you don't get another shot should you be wrong.

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1/23/2008 1:43:04 PM

Bravo to you Niko and BullsMakeMoney for immediately looking at the other side of the coin and recognizing that momentum can crash hard in a Bear Market.Reviewing 2000 Bubble can certainly point that out!

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5/6/2008 9:47:21 AM

Why APPLE will double report:

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