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9/22/2007 10:47:18 AM

I would like to write a filter for 3 converging MA's, a 13, 26, and 50. If it is not possible to do all three together, perhaps we could do two different filters and put them in a watch list to combine results. In other words, I want the three MA going sideways close together.

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9/22/2007 12:13:47 PM

I posted a few of those types of filters.

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9/23/2007 1:26:16 AM

You can try:
Ma (13) equal to ma(26)
ma(26) equal to ma (50)

I've used this method, but with ma (5), ma(10) and ma(15) and it works.

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9/23/2007 10:58:46 AM

set{diff1, abs(ma(13) - ma(26)) }
set{diff2, abs(ma(26) - ma(50)) }

add column diff1
add column diff2

/* MAIN selection criteria */
diff1 below .05
diff2 below .05


You can tweak this by changing the lines:

diff1 below .XX
diff2 below .XX

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9/23/2007 9:09:56 PM

Corino and TRO- many thanks for your quick reply. Corino I got no hits from your screen going back over a year. I must have done something wrong. TRO I tried a search before I asked for help and did not find anything helpful. Today I tried a different search and found several of your posts. I copied them then changed the length of the MA"s and it works pretty well. Probably as close as I am going to get. Using your filter some have already broken out up or down in the past three days but others are spot on. Now I have to do my own DD. It's probably obvious I intend to try Option Straddles or Strangles. Absent outside influences, stocks in these patterns (but with volatile histories) will generally break up or down significantly over the next 6 months. Again many thanks to you both.

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