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4/15/2007 8:04:20 AM

"Word of caution is it’s your hard earned money and no one is going to share the actual trading secrets.

I would appreciate a trader being sincere and talk about both his profits and loss. Else I give a damn to all those jokers fooling newbie as they are some prophet."

Actually I do share all my trading "secrets" and have for years.
As for myself I don't consider myself a "trading god" or guru,just someone who consistently racks up decent profits year after year.
If someone goes on and on about only the winners they have and never mentions any losses then yeah,I agree,it doesn't look too cool.

Myself,I put up watches/picks on my blog every now and then, BEFOREHAND,so all can see the the results,whether they be good or bad,none of that bs i've seen
where a blogger will go in and edit a post if a trade isn't going their way.
My word is WORD,you can bank that.

Here's my latest group of watches/picks from my blog:

Friday, April 13, 2007

This post dated April 7th showed as of that date this port list at 13 gains 5 losses 2 breakevens with an overall port gain of 7.4%
It now stands at 13 gains 2 losses 5 breakevens with a nice increase in overall port value of 13% !

The 2 losses are minor:

WITM -4%
BQI -2%

Heading the gainers list are:

RPTN +41%
SUF +38%
ANO +30%
IVAN +24%
ONT +22%
ASTI +22%
BMD +20%
LJPC +18%
ESLR +16%
SIGA +12%
ZROS +11%

Update after 2 (9 days in this case) weeks:

SUF +43%
RPTN +32%
ONT +32%
ANO +30%
ASTI +29%
JDO +28%
BMD +23%
IVAN +23%
LJPC +18%
SIGA +18%
ESLR +17%
SDRG +6%
ZROS +5%
NNPP +5%
BVSN +2%
DSTI +2%


WITM -9%
BQI -1%
OVTI -1%
VION -1%

16 Gainers 4 Losers Overall port value +16.35

Of the ones that I still have in play I'll set a tighter trailer,take my profits,and move on to a new list of MZ pullbacks which I will scan for sometime this weekend.

Note that 2 weeks when these were posted a bunch of folks were as they are now,expecting a market reversal,which could be very true.
But I posted them anyway.
I have 110% confidence in my methods/ability for trading and finding "live" candidates.
If this group of stocks had failed overall,I know that in time overall I will still come out nicely ahead with new candidates.
I've done it for 4 decades and I don't expect it to change.

To all the newer traders out there,keep it as simple,find what works for you,stick with it,learn money management and don't ever get greedy

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4/15/2007 8:12:20 AM

Niko said:
"I would personally like to see them post their trade logs or, better yet, see them in action in REAL TIME."

Niko,come into my chat,I'll pm you there.
I'll give you my trades/watches as they unfold.
It doesn't get anymore REAL TIME than that.

BTW,I'm enjoying your posts,good stuff.

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4/15/2007 11:19:30 AM

"I really don't believe that there are any "secret" methods in the stock market, although some may be unthought of by a particular individual."


–adjective 1. done, made, or conducted without the knowledge of others: secret negotiations.
2. kept from the knowledge of any but the initiated or privileged: a secret password.
3. faithful or cautious in keeping confidential matters confidential; close-mouthed; reticent.
4. designed or working to escape notice, knowledge, or observation: a secret drawer; the secret police.
5. secluded, sheltered, or withdrawn: a secret hiding place.
6. beyond ordinary human understanding; esoteric.
7. (of information, a document, etc.) a. bearing the classification secret.
b. limited to persons authorized to use information documents, etc., so classified.

–noun 8. something that is or is kept secret, hidden, or concealed.
9. a mystery: the secrets of nature.
10. a reason or explanation not immediately or generally apparent.
11. a method, formula, plan, etc., known only to the initiated or the few: the secret of happiness; a trade secret.
12. a classification assigned to information, a document, etc., considered less vital to security than top-secret but more vital than confidential, and limiting its use to persons who have been cleared, as by various government agencies, as trustworthy to handle such material. Compare classification (def. 5).
13. (initial capital letter) Liturgy. a variable prayer in the Roman and other Latin liturgies, said inaudibly by the celebrant after the offertory and immediately before the preface.
—Idiom14. in secret, unknown to others; in private; secretly: A resistance movement was already being organized in secret.


Some methods are more "secret" than others.

Just remember, "success leaves clues".

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4/15/2007 3:37:10 PM

The market is full of secrets.
100 ways to trade sucessfull, 100 secrets.

Even if they are given to you as free information, you still have the secret to use them sucessfully!

Here are some secrets:
- good valuatiion (low PE, book to market)
- momentum 3 - 6 months
- short time Reversal (rsi2)
- small caps (beat big caps)
- cost average investing
- muddy stuf (see his chat room)
- etc.

I am trading 3 Systems right now:

- the pitbull investor (the weekly momentum system)
- RSI (2) below 1 screen by my own beats

All tree are profitable

I was profitable from 1996 to 2000
and now from 2004 until now, but not so monster profitable as before,
I was almonst a million worth, with 28!
In the meantime (2000- 2003) I almost lost every penny.

It to a lot of mental work to trade sucessfull again.
And to be as good as before the crash it will
take a lot again.

For me the following made the trick:
Do it because you are passionate, not in there for the money,
be rational

I startet online poker an lose 50 bucks a month, then
my hunger for gambling is over and I can follow
my systems better

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4/15/2007 4:05:20 PM

"I was profitable from 1996 to 2000"

Sorry if this might sound sarcastic but a great number of people, including newbies who knew nothing about trading, considered themselves filthy rich (at least on paper). It wasn't until the full-fledged bear market kicked in that their true colors stood out. So my question is how much of that profit was attributable to skill and how much to a mere dumb luck?

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4/15/2007 4:06:10 PM


Thanks for the invitation. I'll be sure to stop by on Monday.

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4/16/2007 12:05:38 PM


Thanks for your humble response. I have respect for you and reading at your sincere reply it is only increased.

There are a very few you whose tips are worth noting. I was warning newbie to be careful about the others (not to name).

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