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3/21/2007 7:41:06 PM

OK, I am to the point where I am comfortable with my success with swing trades and position trades. Now the final piece of the pizzle is day-trading. I can use stockfetcher to find good day-trades, but with a 20-minute lag. I was fortunate to find VYYO today, but I have a feeling that I need real-time info to do this consistently.

I am looking for services where I can code a filter similar to stockfetcher, but with real-time info. I am guessing I can do this at Tradestation, but are there any other options?

(In other words, I want to be like Muddy!)

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3/21/2007 9:19:44 PM


Thanks but you don't want to be this OLD or this BALD,ha

Check this out:
(Mar 21-12:58) Muddy: VYYO 19% 5.85
(Mar 21-12:59) Muddy: hod from open gap
(Mar 21-12:59) Muddy: on pre list
(Mar 21-13:25) Muddy: a later entry on pre 9:15 ..... VYYO Vyyo, Inc. $4.93 $5.34 8.32% 5,500
(Mar 21-13:41) Muddy: 7 near

A few of us who stalk the hod list in our chat caught a nice gain as did you,congrats!

I had 2 other real nice trades from the hod list today:

(Mar 21-10:04) Muddy: ZROS upping back 1.1
(Mar 21-10:05) Muddy: ZROS in play here me
(Mar 21-10:05) Muddy: entry 1.1
(Mar 21-10:04) Muddy: ZROS upping back 1.1
(Mar 21-10:36) Muddy: stop 1.27 ZROS
(Mar 21-10:37) Muddy: got 20 % in about 20 mins

(Mar 21-10:50) Muddy: VEXP 1.12 hod
(Mar 21-10:51) Muddy: getting bid/ask action(Mar 21-10:59) Muddy: dont ya love the hod list (Mar 21-10:59) tokyoseminole: 1.5
(Mar 21-10:59) bp3960: vexp goingggggggggggggg
(Mar 21-10:59) Muddy: yeah in 1.15
(Mar 21-11:00) Aston7529: awesome call
(Mar 21-11:05) Muddy: out 1.4 VEXP

22% in about 15 mins
VEXP ran from 1.02 to 1.60 in about 45 mins.
A 20 minute delay kills profits bad on those kind and believe me there are 1 hour and under big runners almost everday.Even on the slower moving ones a 20 delay will often negate the usual nice first pop on many high dayrangers get when they go green from red.

3 20% trades off the hod list.
Honestly,imo,if you can watch the market live,even if for an hour or 2 if you use realtime data off any hod list you have found "the final piece of the puzzle".

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3/21/2007 9:59:17 PM


Thanks. Yeah, I've been feeling for awhile now that I'm on the cusp of really putting this all together. You've helped a lot. I've been visiting Green on the Screen lately, and will visit more often. I've been thinking of subscribing to Didn't know if I could refine the filters there like I can here, but maybe it doesn't matter. What you say is, "It doesn't matter. It's simple." You just feel it. I hope to get there before too long.

Also, thanks for commenting in my blog. Your comments are appreciated.

P.S. BVSN has been killing me! Never did make anything off of that stock.

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3/22/2007 4:48:13 PM

Trade Ideas. Good signals and many set ups.

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3/22/2007 4:57:29 PM

Hey Muddy,

I would like to shadow your trades one of these days. Do you post your trades in real time? If so, I would like 411 on where to catch the action.

BTW, I notice that most if not all of your plays are in the microcap. Just how many shares do you buy at any given time in order to come out with a decent return? While a 20% jump might sound astronomical for a stock valued at $100, it's another story for a stock worth $1 or less. For these stocks, you would need to rake in a considerable amount of shares to justify your trades (ie. 5000 shares would net $1,000 profit). But then you must also consider the fact that big volume purchases will negatively impact your entry price.

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3/22/2007 9:51:13 PM

Hi Niko,

"I would like to shadow your trades one of these days. Do you post your trades in real time? If so, I would like 411 on where to catch the action." ..... click on link "my chat room and chat links". I'm there most trading days 9:30 to 4

I only post my real trades rarely in the chat,so if that's what your looking for you won't see many.I run this chat for free so I'm not putting up buy reco's,I don't feel comfortable advising folks what to do with their money.
If I accept any of the offers that I've gotton to be a gun for hire,then it will be different,until then ,only watches and alerts for folks to make their own decisions on.
What I do do is put up alerts on stocks that many of the regulars in chat have come to follow because of my watches and alerts in the past.

"BTW, I notice that most if not all of your plays are in the microcap."

If you go to the link for chatlogs there's always the past 5 days logged on that you can read.
You'll see I alert many stocks in the higher price rang that trade over a million shares a day.
For example I alerted these today,most higher priced and all over a million shares or much more.
A few I traded,most I did not.

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3/22/2007 10:45:28 PM

You can use eSignal or TradeStation for real time trading alerts.

I have written HUNDREDS of free indicators for both. You can get the indicators at

There are other platforms you can also use but I haven't any experience with them.

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3/23/2007 8:52:21 AM

hi niko,

I was also currious about volume that muddy is trading but never asked. Actually, I made my rules for myself. I calculate volume * price to see how much $ was traded the day stock is showed by filter. I look for price & volume spikes ... very much like muddy's sq/vol/break.

I hold max. 5-6 positions ... I don't feel comfortable to watch real-time more when looking for stars shooters.

My rule is that my $ must be less than 1% of $ traded and my volume must be less than 1% volume traded. By this I usually drop most of 0.xx stocks but still have enough on watchlist... This is of course due to my limited $.

Once I will have more than I can handle this way I will start to put it into strategies like 'Going Long'...

I must also say that I rarelly do 10%+ during 1 day. Average is around 3% a day (never calculated, only feeling). Maybe because I drop these potentials from watchlist.

My recent success was VION at 1.775 on 20-Mar and sold at 1.95 on 22-Mar which is almost 10% in less than 2 days. Well, I thank God for this :o)


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