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2/23/2007 3:08:21 PM

Gotta love that Vector Vest contrarian value selection. Up 8 percent today, in before the crowd.. VALUE VALUE VALUE.. You deserve it.

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2/23/2007 7:39:39 PM

LOL thanks. However, I didn't get a piece of USEG's move today unfortunately. I sold it recently for a very mild profit. I need to learn to hold for full value though like you did on ZEUS. Thats how you pile on the profits. I should be congratulating you on finding a system that works very well.

I did make a nice profit on other stocks using this method, however, todays move would have been much better to pack on.

I think between my ability to "market time" and using your undervalued VV sector strategy I could score with some nice swings.

My first post on this thread I also mentioned that the mining stocks are going to heat up. I made money in GSS and NXG by incorporating this method gaining > 10% in both trades.

I can go back and forth between USEG and SSL. SSL looks good for next week now that USEG ran.

Question: Can you just pull the weakest sector and best EY at any point of the year, or is market timing of the overall market a factor at all?

Thanks for the strategy as214.

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2/23/2007 7:49:07 PM

Also wanted to add that I am a big fan of VV for scanning for stocks. However, it can be a big pile of waste if you don't trade the stocks correctly. Its not what you use its how you use it. Sound familiar to anyone on this board? :)

In fact, I used VV as one of the tools to put VRGY and OFI on my 2007 stock list.
I think I just need to hold on for the longer ride.

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2/24/2007 9:08:25 AM

as214: I am liking your method of picking stocks. I have a few more questions: 1. How do you use DMA(28,-14) to pin point entries? 2. How do you determine a stock's intrinsic value? 3. And finally, is it possible to get in touch with your friend who uses the same method but with options?

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2/24/2007 11:15:56 AM

Legs Diamond - 1977 Legs Diamond album contents: Lyrics for It's Not The Music, Stage Fright, ... It's not the music, it's how you play it. It's not the words, it's how you say ...

"IT'S NOT WHAT YOUR TRADE, IT'S HOW YOU TRADE IT" - I paraphrased from the lyrics of LEGS DIAMOND's song STAGE FRIGHT.

Legs Diamond ROCKED!!

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2/24/2007 11:45:10 AM

I thought "Legs Diamond" was a notorious gangster from the Roaring Twenties who died a violent death !




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