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1/25/2007 8:48:44 PM

Version 2 doesnt have the crosshairs to follow so you can scan across the price chart and see the lineup of all your indicators in the lower panes.And where is the little green arrows and trade results from the prior trigger points?

I dont see any improvement at all except that you dont have to click between the scan results and the chart. The loss of the crosshairs and the scan results for the last year are a big loss.

Why didnt SF just keep the old charting and add the scan results beside the old chart on the same page. Sorry SF - this is no improvement.

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1/25/2007 10:56:41 PM

Shadow is making chart look little out of focus. Did anyone else notice that or is it just me ? Every line and candle have shadow. I think it will look much more crispier without that shadow.

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1/26/2007 12:04:18 AM

Like the look of it but a couple of things are bothersome: first, the lines on the charts are now rounded, the sharp lines gave much better visuals -- SHARPER visuals, much clearer -- is there any way to eliminate the damned soft, flowing transition of the lines on the indicators? Seems minor but actually HUGE -- visual interpretation of the indicators is everything and the 2.0 has actually regressed in a big way in that area. Love the layout, the new features, but PLEASE give us the option at least for sharp, crisp, meaningful lines on the charts! Second point was already mentioned but I'll mention it again-- no quick way to move from one chart to the next without moving the cursor over to the list of stocks -- having the next stock on the list on the chart is a very nice feature and I would like to ask that it be implemented with the new package. Again -- please don't minimize or scoff at the complaint concerning the soft / curviness of the lines on the indicators -- you've really hurt the visual power of stockfetcher by eliminating the sharp, angular movements from one day to the next. Thanks for your consideration to TOMB and everyone behind the great stockfetcher program!

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1/26/2007 12:58:15 AM

Another milestone for SF, awesome!

Tom, is there any chance we will get real-time intraday in the near future? Your current intraday feature improves my profit a lot, it's 20 minutes delay, though. The real-time intraday is my last and the most important thing I'm looking for.

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1/26/2007 10:41:53 AM

So my concern about getting different filter results doesn't concern anyone else? Am I missing something? I ran the filter again this morning. On current SF I get 1 stock. On SF2.0 I get 5.

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1/26/2007 10:44:11 AM


If possible, can you email support ( the filter in question? This could be related to several issues. For example, the "Ignore List" is currently not supported in SF 2.0.

Thank you,

Tom Support

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1/26/2007 11:09:59 AM


Your comment got me thinking, and I now know what is going on. In my filter I use custom variables that I defined in my settings. SF2.0 is not picking those up. If I remove those custom variables from my filter, then the results match. I would assume that if I define the custom variables within the filter, and not in Settings-Variables, then they should also be OK.


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1/26/2007 2:16:17 PM

SF 2.0 is great and I'm impressed with how quickly suggetions in this thread are being implemented.

I love the slider window! My only wish is that it could be fine tuned in the date selection. Personally ... I like to scroll the window so that my date in question (my entry date for example) is on the right edge of the chart window. This lets me see only my date and earlier.... helps remove the downstream clutter when I want to revisit the conditions that I entered the stock with.

I thought that scrolling the slider window one day at a time with the keyboard arrows would be outstanding.

Keep up the great work!


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1/26/2007 4:57:15 PM

I would like to be able to "selectively" zoom in or out of the charts using any time frame by simply dragging your mouse to shade the area in question. In addition, this could further be enhanced by allowing us the option to manually type the dates into a form field or box (eg. 01/03/06 - 06/29/06).

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1/26/2007 5:03:20 PM

Never mind. I belatedly realized that this feature is already implemented. But the manual input of dates would be a nice addition.

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