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1/16/2007 6:00:39 AM

What % return you get on average per month on your account?

Say you had a $50,000 account. Do you make 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%+ on this averaged over the year?

I do not want to hear about those who claim to make 100%+ per month every month (if that was the case you would be worth about $1 trillion dollars by now).... :-)

Thank you

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1/16/2007 5:24:52 PM

This forum really needs a PM feature.

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1/17/2007 3:21:19 AM

email me:

Thank you

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1/17/2007 3:45:21 AM

Till today, Jan.17, I made 6.4% from my account... it's an average, so I can say my average performance 10%/month or something close to it....

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1/17/2007 10:19:59 AM

ok 10% a month is a great business....


Hey, I watched a programme on TV last night about "Excess in the City" (London traders/bankers etc..)

One guy was 24 y/o and was a bond trader. He said he makes about 3 million per annum (About $5.5 million per annum) and has made as much as 700,000 ($1.5M) in one day but has lost as much as 250,000 in one day ($1/2 million).

In a magazine he was put at one of the top forty traders in the world...Avery was number 1 apparrently :-)

What a flash lot these were...Spending $50,000+ one a night at a disco. Private jets, stag nights in the artic, holiday homes all over....Excess to the exteme.

Thank you

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1/17/2007 7:15:37 PM

Juha if it's not a secret could you explain how you pick your stocks.
the Mushroom was here...................

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1/17/2007 7:39:43 PM

This is a good thread. Some other info from full time day traders that would be nice is:

Average % of portfolio in a trade?
Hard stops or mental stops?
Set profit % or let run with trailing out strategy?
Do you follow the no trading rule during first 1/2 hour and last 1/2 hour?
Do you prefer day trading options vs. stocks?

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1/17/2007 8:26:55 PM

"No trading during the first 1/2 hour"?

You've got to be joking...

That's when all the action is... lots of volume and volatility!!

You can make your daily goal during the first 30 - 60 minutes and play the rest of the day.

Just look at stocks like AAPL, RIMM, GOOG, etc...

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1/17/2007 8:48:23 PM

I'll toss some out....I've posted in an indiscrete way some methods in the past. Input from this forum and one other as well as years "investing" and building wealth give me a pretty decent grip on my thought processes, tolerance, and risk. I'm no "expert" hence the caveats.

I invest and I trade. Trading is where the learning curve has been over the past 24 months and much time has been spent on developing what achieves my goals and satisfies my objectives. The "Base" is not for compounding, but is an earning platform. That same money could be used for buying a franchise, handing to a hedge fund, speculating on land etc. and that "base" has been 100% "earned".

Don't lose the base.

Trade the same stock everyday (Thanks Avery).

show stocks where the day range is above 1%
and Average Volume(90) above 8000000
and Close above 20
and market is nasdaq

"Watch" those that have a high probability for success (thanks Muddy/Wallman, Riggs/Alfie) every day.

Take each block of profits above $1,000 and reivest into longer term or secure investments. I don't need the profits for income (yet).

I target $200-500 per day. That's only a $.20 to $.50 move in my favor depending on the number of shares. I'll hold the actual totals for the tax man's eye's.

2% gain on all $$$$ traded throughout the year equates to just do the math.

Thanks again to everyone on this folks are great. Happy Trading!

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1/17/2007 9:25:54 PM

Mark,95% of mutual fund money managers can't beat the spy index on an annual basis.Were only talking 5% ROI maybe.CD's are currently paying that.Day traders? Unless their in the top 2-3%,I don't think they can even beat the spy benchmark.Sound hard to believe,ask any day trader to show you their account statements.I rest my case.....Michael..

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