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5/2/2006 9:37:20 AM

I seeday after day people are trying to find The Holy Grail scan....

Well, it doesn't exist.

I have made a lot of money in TIE recently. How did I find it?

Stocks>$20, doubled, 1 year high

ButI then did a bit of reasearch.

T.A. is only the start of your traidng. Not then end all and be all. There is no perfect scan. Don't get so involved in T.A. and scanning you forget how to trade properly.

Good luck

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5/4/2006 9:43:12 PM

Pop to the top!

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5/5/2006 5:31:01 AM

very informative

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5/5/2006 8:17:26 AM

I thought it was Mark.

Your words needed repeating. Like you, I see people so obsessed with filters.

Thanks for the reminder.

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5/5/2006 10:20:29 AM


Most of the emphasis here is on entry filters. A person also needs an exit strategy. Exit filters can also be designed here at SF. The third piece of the puzzle is position size (money management). Then the 4th piece (and biggest) is personal discipline.

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5/5/2006 10:45:19 AM

traderblues.... did you see the position size filter display I wrote a few months ago?

It also includes money management exits.

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6/7/2006 9:50:24 PM

markcrisp, good you have a minimum volume, ie average for X days, that you screen for? ie no volume under Xthousand per day? TIA

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6/8/2006 1:46:44 AM

...with all due respect...


Learn to discipher "Price Action"...

When you begin to do are WELL on your way to being a successful trader !


Tests of recent HIGHS and LOWS !

Range Contraction !

Range Expansion !

Narrowist Range of the last 4/7 days !

Widest Range of the last 4/7 days !

Inside Days !

Outside Days !

Reversal Patterns !

dojis/Stars/hammers etc... !

One Day Reversals !

Divergence (regular and hidden) !

Breakouts (from consolidation) !

GAPS (there must be at least 100 or more Gap Strategies) !

Pivot Point Analysis !!!


Write filters that isolate "SHORT-TERM PATTERNS" and "PRICE ACTION" !!!

MORE IMPORTANTLY...LEARN to trade these patterns !!!


EVEN...EVEN...EVEN...MORE IMPORTANTLY...LEARN to EXIT these trades...that are initiated from these patterns !!!



You can SCAN for Overbought/Oversold Oscillators till the cows come home !!!

You can SCAN for DMA this...or...RSI(2) that..."WARM" this...or "LUKE WARM" people are COMPLETELY missing the point !!! imo

Good luck with that approach !!!

"PRICE" the ONLY indicator that really matters !

All In My Not So Humble Opinion !!!



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6/8/2006 3:11:56 AM




That's all that there is.

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