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1/2/2006 4:01:56 PM

Did anyone else get this in their inbox today?

There is a grain of truth in this.

At Last! A System Which REALLY Works...

"How This 'Foolish' Stock Market Secret Could Make YOU $100,000
in Three Months!"

"And how we'll be on the end of a phone to hold your hand every step of the way"

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

If you want to grow wealthy, quickly and easily in your spare time -- without even leaving the house -- please read on. . .

Imagine this: The afternoon is yours to do with as you please -- sleep read, relax, swim, play golf. . . that morning you turn on your computer. Your day's 'work' has started. You tap a few keys; visit a few web sites; run some software -- 30 minutes later, you're done. Time to turn off the PC and think how you're going to spend another glorious, free afternoon and evening.

You didn't know a thing a about the stock market a few weeks ago but you've just made more than most people do for working a whole day...

... Even If The Market Is Going Down!

And all because of a very simple (almost foolishly obvious) 'secret' about the stock market... a secret I'll reveal to you in this short letter. Once you know the secret, you can profitably trade stocks on-line in 30 minutes per day -- even if you've never bought or sold a share in your entire life!

I know. I was skeptical too when I first heard about this...but when I used it for myself I became immediately convinced.

I first heard about the success of this system from someone here in the USA about six months ago -- a reclusive multi- millionaire. As soon as he told me 'the secret' - the one eternal truth about the stock-market -- it was blindingly obvious to me how he had made so much money. I became determined to check this out for myself.

When I finally managed to see the system in action I couldn't believe how simple and virtually foolproof it was! And most importantly, I couldn't believe how quick, reliable and low-risk it is too. No wonder people in America are making such steady profits from this.

The System Tells You, Quite Simply, if a Particular Target Stock is Likely to go Up or Down -- and When.

I hope you can immediately see that if you had that knowledge, you would be sitting on a money-machine.

Now seeing is one thing, but proving is another and I was itching to try the system for myself. When I explained that I wanted to make this available in the good old USA to a selected, small group of people, I was given inside access and allowed to trade. The results were truly remarkable. Within a few minutes my first trade had made 2.3% profit -- it just went on and on. Within just twenty minutes I had made enough trades for a day's 'work'. It really WAS possible to make as much in half an hour as you would normally make slaving for a day -- and all from the comfort of your home!

Now here is something very important: please do not look at those low percentages with disinterest. These percentages are totally remarkable and they are your ticket to a fortune. Remember, you may have been used to thinking of bank annual interest rates at about 4%. I am talking about 2% -- 5% per ten minutes!!!

In this letter, I'll be explaining the simple secret which unlocks this powerful knowledge. You're one of the first people in America to hear about this.

I'm writing this in my Los Angeles hotel room after receiving a personal telephone call from the owner giving me the green light to release just 340 systems. That took a lot of hard work and negotiating. I feel like I've just found 'The Holy Grail' of trading systems and thought it important to let you know about this immediately!

It's Based On FACT And Something You Can Nearly Always Count On With The Stock Market!

Maybe you're thinking that the stock market is a bit lack-luster at the moment? But I'm not talking about 'investing for the long term.' In fact, I think that's a VERY hazardous way to carry on these days!

No, this incredible system involves quick, 'in and out' trades all within a short time in just one day, so you never have a sleepless night. And no, I don't mean traditional 'day-trading' -- this is entirely different!

In the past I've been asked by various people about different stock trading systems: "Should I buy this or that" and my answer is almost invariably: "NO!"

Why? Because...

...99.9% of Stock Trading Systems
Are Complete Nonsense!

They bamboozle you with fancy looking graphs and technical sounding words; hell, they may have even make a few bucks... and lose it all a few days later. Most of them require you to be some sort of rocket-scientist to follow their mumbo-jumbo.

Often, the 'logic' behind them amounts to nothing more than black magic voodoo! No wonder the kit you get is so full of stuff -- you need it all to try and understand everything! Still, they have to try and justify the extortionate price-tag somehow.

They rarely work. I know because I've evaluated lots of them.

If something takes a long time to explain; if it requires a degree in statistics; if it needs you to pore over complex charts and algorithms -- it's usually because there's something wrong. The simplest answer is often the best. And here is that simple answer. . .

The Only Two Sure Things About
The Stock Market:

There's something which IS constant in the stock market. Something which could make you FAST cash on any day you choose... providing the market is open.

I believe I have uncovered the greatest stock trading system in THE WORLD! Quite a claim -- which I have proved to my own satisfaction. It is the only one based on the two eternal truths about the market:

Unexpected good news about a publicly trading company almost ALWAYS drives the share price up.

That good news doesn't make the share price stay up for long.
These are undeniable FACTS. You know they are FACTS -- every time you see a stock or market move, you KNOW it's because of NEWS. (Consider this: Imagine a drug company in their secret underground laboratory discovering a TOTAL cure for ALL cancer. They hold the cure in their hands -- right now. Would the share price move? NO! Not one percentage point. . . until. . . NEWS of the discovery left the laboratory.)

All the fancy graphs, analysis and projections are worthless compared to hard NEWS. They are all based on yesterday -- past history. This system is based on what is really happening, right now -- TODAY!

Look, the stock market is short-term in its behavior and you can profit from this fact. Every single day the market is open, news is announced about various companies whose stock is traded publicly. Good news and bad news... and it effects the price of the stock, obviously.

Because the market reacts to news so quickly, there is an enormous opportunity to make a fast 'in and out' buck! People who use this system properly make several profitable trades almost EVERY day the market is open.

Is It Really That Easy?

It's easy if you know which type of news stories send the price up -- and this is the secret to why this system is so powerful.

Most people are VERY confused about what sort of news story makes a stock go up in price -- which is why everyone isn't doing this.

For example, most people would guess that a news story about an electronics company designing a faster computer chip would send the stock soaring... but this isn't necessarily the case -- you have to know what to look for. Similarly, news about a company losing a large order may not send the price down. Again, you have to know what to look for.

The key is not in the news itself, but how it's going to be interpreted by investors!

The really neat thing about this system is that all of the hard work is done for you. I suspect you do not have time to pore over countless news stories trying to guess how they will affect the stock price! I certainly don't. You'll use simple software and checklists to help you to see which news stories will most likely be interpreted positively by traders. Once you know how, and you've done it a couple of times yourself, you won't believe what easy money this is!

It's like having X-Ray spectacles!

Every day, there are hundreds of stories, some true, some false, some spun-out specifically to attract buyers for a stock (this is known as 'ramping'). But only a handful of those so-called 'good news' stories will actually make the stock rise.

You have to know the magic formula to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you have the formula, you will of course make an almost guaranteed living from the stock market every day you please. That's exactly what this system does for you.

On any day you choose (some people only do this one day a week!) you use this simple system to find the stories most likely to send a stock up. You buy a stock and watch it go up. You then sell it for profit within a short time of buying (often just minutes) as the price starts to settle back down again.

It's that simple...

Just Like Turning On A Money Switch!

Sure, the money to be made from this is fantastic, but there's something more: the thrill of being in control. The power of knowing what's going on out there and profiting from it. Get ready for as much FUN as profit! Also, it sure beats working for a living. I mean, if you really want to sit in a traffic jam and work for some ungrateful boss for 8 hours a day. . .

Sure, I've always known news stories sent stocks up; who doesn't? But finally there is a useable and accurate turn-key system you can use to put this knowledge to work for you... and I can't believe I've found it!

It's Taken Me YEARS Of Hard Searching To Find
This...Now YOU Can Profit From It!

Finally, I have discovered an almost foolproof way to play the markets.

No-one can deny that stocks rise on good news. It stands to reason if you know how to pick the right news stories you will make steady money.

Just a few percent on each trade is the target. This is the key to making a solid income from the markets whether they're up or down.

Low Risk = Low Reward...? Not If You
Snowball Your Profits!

You know about risk and reward right? If your risk is high, so is your potential reward. If your risk is low, so is the reward. There's no escaping these laws of investment...unless... rolled up all your small profits into one big one!

Let me explain. 2% or 3% profit a day doesn't sound very exciting, but because it's a low reward, the risk put in is also very low right? That's good, because it means you can virtually count on success -- and sleep at night.

But even if you only made a measly 1% a day and kept reinvesting the profits, you'd be financially FREE within the year!

I'll save you the math. If you started off with $10,000 and compounded it at just 1% a day, for 365 days...

You'd Have $374,066!!!

My friend, that's enough to retire on if you invest it wisely.

So what is this system and how does it work?

The Magic Formula!

'The Guerrilla Stock Trading System' system will show you how to simply and quickly recognize the news stories which are most likely to make thousands of people buy a particular stock that day... and how you can trade it within seconds for a fast profit. 'Guerrillas' as you know, are 'hit-and-run' freedom fighters.

An apt name!

Here in America, this system has been making many people a great deal of money as you'll see from the testimonials later on, and now it's YOUR turn.

You'll be shown how to filter-out all the garbage and see the REAL stories which will make a stock fly on that day. You will not have to pore over newspapers or Internet archives! This simple system and software makes short work of the whole thing. Thirty minutes to two hours (max) per day is all it takes, once you have learned the system.

From now on, this will be the only way I personally trade stocks! Well, what's the alternative...?

Long Term Investing?

You decide, but it seems to me we live in an increasingly complex world. It's impossible to predict anything with complete certainty, and complete certainty is what long-term investing relies on. NOBODY can be sure about what the future will bring. 9/11 proved that. Do you really think there is a 'long-term investment' anymore?

And at the other end of the scale, there's day-trading...

This is NOT Day-Trading!

Day traders are the exact opposite to long-term investors and this is NOT what The Guerrilla Stock Trading System is about. Day traders make 200-300 trades a day with a high risk and miniscule profit per trade.

It's nothing more than electronic cocaine. They make their decisions using complex charts which are totally incomprehensible. They stare at flickering screens for hour after endless hour.

Almost ALL day-traders lose money. Most of them lose ALL their money!

Speaking of losing money, how would a market fall affect The Guerrilla Stock Trading System?

Stock Market Crashes? Even Better!

Okay, let's say on a certain day you want to use this system, the market is falling heavily. If this happens, it will almost certainly be due to...?

. . . that's right...NEWS!

In this case, BAD news. But ironically, on a day like this you can make EVEN MORE profit!


Because good news stories stand out amongst all the bad news and makes that stock go even higher than normal! (Even in crashing markets, some stocks are going up.)

No question, as long as there's news, you can always make money from The Guerrilla Stock Trading System...wherever you are.

Create A Solid Income From
Anywhere In The World!

Just think. You could make your living whilst sitting on a sunny beach!

As long as you have access to a computer and the internet, you can use this amazing trading system.

Now that's what I call freedom!

You're Always Just a
Mouse-Click Away From Profit.

Imagine! You'll always have this in your pocket. Whatever you're doing, wherever you are, you can pick and choose a time when you want to cash-in from the only two sure things about the market.

Enjoy Your Days!
'Work' From Home!

You see, you don't even have to do this every day to make the system work.

There's no reason why EVERY day can't be winning day! You can choose to make money on whichever days you feel like it.

Now, I'm sure you have a few questions. I certainly did! So let me try and answer them for you.

Your Questions Answered:

"I don't want to take any risks."

The Guerrilla Trading System is low risk. But if you can't handle even a small amount of risk, I think you should consider staying out of the stock market altogether -- in fact, stay out of every other investment in the world. Just stay at a regular job until it's time to retire -- and pray your pension will cover you. Oh, and pray your job won't go to China or India in the meantime too! Could you lose money? Why, certainly you could! I think it is possible for you to use this stock-trading system and. . . not make a profit. There is nothing in the world which is 100% risk-free and foolproof. But I am confident that if you use this system properly, you're going to have to try very, VERY hard to lose money.

"Which stock markets will the system work with?"

The market with the most news to work with: the US stock markets. There are just so many stocks and news stories to choose from you'll never be stuck for something to trade. Plus, the USA is where so many new technology stories come from -- stories like these make stocks soar. There are many drugs companies awaiting approvals and patents etc. This is the best market to trade using the system.

"How can this make money on a day when the market falls badly?"

Simple. Good news stories stand out even more on 'bad news' days, so you make even more money on a day like this! If you actually look at how stocks as a whole did on a bad day, sure, you'll see most of them went down, but you'll also see several which went up... significantly.

One of the system's golden rules is NEVER to hold stocks overnight. Just quick "in and out" trades and go live our lives. No sleepless nights. No holding on to losing positions hoping against hope that they will turn around.

"What guarantee do I have I will make money with this?"

Just take a look at our unique guarantee later on. You can use it for 6 months risk-free and return it if you don't make money. You can 'paper-trade' with it using none of your own money until you're happy it works. Remember, we're going for a low return on a daily basis (a few percent) which means low risk.

"This really has to work or I'm done for financially!"

Then don't do it! Don't ever trade with 'scared money'. I believe this is a solid way to earn steady money from the market with unbelievably low risk, but people who play with 'scared money' are more inclined to screw up out of desperation.

"I've heard stories of these people who make trades all in a single day getting wiped out!"

Don't even think about comparing this with day-trading! BIG difference. They rely on voodoo and make hundreds of trades a day... and LOSE fist-fulls of money. This system uses the two constant truths about the stock market and many people are living testimonies to the success of this incredible system.

"Do I have to trade every single day to make this work?"

No. This is not a system which relies on your trading every day in the hope that the good trades will statistically outweigh the bad ones and overall you come out slightly on top! The aim here is to win EVERY trade! At worst break-even -- and all on a single day, which is in complete isolation to other trading days. Each day is separate. There's no sleeping with a computer under your pillow -- and you pick which days you want to trade.

"How much capital is required?"

As little as $2000 as trading capital. The kit will explain exactly how to do this quickly and simply. It really is very, very easy.

"I've tried trading systems before and they never work."

I totally agree. As I said earlier, most trading systems are complete and utter nonsense because they rely on a load of intellectual sounding witchcraft. This system relies on the ONLY two consistent things about the stock market.

"How does the system operate and what does the kit include?"

We will show you how to use the magic formula in the kit. It comprises 3 manuals, FULL support (more about this later), 4 audio training CDs, 2 CD-ROMS to operate the system and a trading log. You will need a computer and internet access. After a week or so of learning the system, you'll be ready to go. You'll get the news stories hot off the press using a little-known FREE web-site and our special software. Soon you will be an EXPERT at where to get just-breaking news. . .plus. . . you will be able to analyze that news with lightening-like speed and make instant profitable trades. Here is a list of genuine trades one guy made in just 4 weeks! "+3%; +1.5%; -2%(loss); +16%, -1%(loss); +2.5%; +7%; +5%; +8%; +3%; +2%; +2%; +3%; +4%; +3%; +2%; +16%; +7%; +1.5%; +4%!"

You'll then apply the simple magic formula using the software to find the stories most likely to move a stock upwards. You then pick the stock and, "buy" the stock. Shortly after, you sell at a predetermined level determined by the system -- and make a fast profit.

"Can anyone do this?"

As long as you have a computer and Internet access there should be no reason why you can't make great profits and have fun doing it.

Listen, this incredible system assumes you know NOTHING about stock markets, and yet, within as little as one week of using it you could easily have expert knowledge and power beyond most professionals.

"Can I speak to someone if I'm unsure about anything?"

You bet! Stay tuned and I'll explain how you will get personal telephone support should you need it.

"How much time do I need to get started and how much time on a given day to do this?"

After a week or so of practice (you can call for a personal consultation free of charge!), you should be ready. You can even learn from the audio CDs whilst you drive! On any given day you want to trade, you can be done in anything from 30 minutes to a couple of hours...

You Should be Picking AT LEAST 7 out of 10 Winners After Just 1 Week of Practice!

The truth: You'd have to be completely hopeless not to make at least three successful trades a day, after just a little practice. That's 150 trades in ten weeks. If you started off with just $1,000, made a puny 4% on each trade and kept re-investing it daily...

You'd Have $345,061 In Your Account After 10 Weeks!

If you keep the money in the pot, the power of compounding will make you amounts of money you never thought you would ever see!

Believe it! Do the math yourself. Paper-trade the system until you are completely convinced (that won't take long!)

A few percent on a few trades a day, constantly reinvested delivers frightening amounts of cash to your bank account. Such are the results of something based on FACT rather than fairy-tale theories and witchcraft...

Not only are most trading systems useless, they're also a complete rip-off. After finally finding something which actually worked, I was expecting to learn that the cost of this incredible system was several thousand dollars, maybe over 10k.

I got a pleasant surprise when I discovered what it actually cost...

I mean, we're talking about a lifelong income in a box here. An almost foolproof, low-risk way of making steady money from the market whenever you want. And you get personal telephone support from the very people who created the system. . .

3 FREE 30 minute Phone Consultation
Certificates Worth $480 Each!

Do you think your success rate would soar if you could speak directly to the system designers and other people using the system in real, live profitable trades, day after day? You bet it would...

So, as a special bonus for making your reservation straight away, I'm including 3 FREE 30 minute personal telephone consultation certificates with the system designers.

You can use these whenever you like and ask anything you want -- there is no expiration date. And it is NOT a premium phone line or anything like that -- all you pay is normal phone charges. Think of these as your ace cards. You can play them at any time you feel you would benefit from a bit of personal counseling.

I tell you, the people behind this system are passionate about supporting people to make sure they use the system profitably. So much so in fact, that this is ALL they do. After having spent a day with them, take my word: they are good guys committed to your success. You'll find them a HUGE boost to achieving your goals.

PLUS: Unlimited,
FREE Conference Calls!

I cannot overemphasize the importance of having mentors in your drive for financial freedom. Listening to the experiences of other traders and having access to the experts who created this system isn't just a cute little bonus... it's VITAL for success!

Twice a week you can call in for a live conference call with the system creators and others like you who are using the system right now.

Plus, you're free to email them anytime you wish for FREE advice. You're not just given a kit and left to get on with it! They are totally dedicated to your success and aim personally to maximize your chances of super-profitable trading.

Why are they selling their own system? Simple. Nothing you or I or even hundreds of other people can do will touch their operation in the tiniest way -- there really is, for once, a pot big enough for us all.

Anyway, back to the investment needed to have your very own 'income-in-a-box' kit express shipped to your door: the 3 manuals, 3 consultation certificates, unlimited conference calls and email support, 4 audio training CDs, 2 system CD-ROMS and trading log. Forget ten thousand. The investment required is just $2797!

But, as you know I always like to offer an incentive to people serious about growing wealthy...


Reserve your place within the next 72 hours for a HUGE $300 discount!!

I challenge you to find anything of such unbelievable value. This incredible trading system for just $2497? Get outa here! And if that wasn't enough...

Try It For 6 Months At OUR Risk!

You have to be extremely confident of something to offer a guarantee this generous. Sure, they'll always be a few people who try to rip me off, but whatever. I just want the genuine people, like you, to have complete peace of mind...

An Amazing 6-Month Guarantee!

Once you receive your package, take 28 days to review it. If you're unhappy for ANY reason, just send it back within 28 days of receipt for a full, no-quibble refund of your money with my compliments. If you decide to keep the system after delivery, then actively trade the system for 6 months after receipt. If you have not made a profit, send it back and we will STILL refund your money in full. You may keep all the free gifts and personal consultation certificates we send you, valued at $1,568! That's how certain we are that this is the best stock-trading system we have ever encountered.

PLUS: Another FREE Bonus
Gift If You're Fast!

"How To Make Money Like An Insider Without Breaking The Law...And Gain An Almost Unfair Advantage Over Every Other Trader In The Market!"

Valued at $200, it's yours FREE if you're in the first 50 to make your reservation! You can keep this even if you decide to get a refund.

And here's another reason to act fast...

Only 340 Available Nationwide!

And once they're gone, they're gone. The exceptional personal telephone support these people offer means that they must strictly limit the number of systems in circulation.

This is the only invitation you will be sent and I expect there to be no places left after 72 hours from now!

Act quickly though and you should secure your place.

Get Ready For REAL Profits
From A REAL Trading System!

There you have it: the only stock trading system which I've found truly works and keeps on working... because it's based on FACTS about the stock market.

If you're ready to learn a true skill which will put honest cash in your pocket regularly for just a little of your spare time, click below to secure your place.

Yours Sincerely,

Jim Sheridan

P.S. Order immediately to receive a second bonus gift FREE! A Special report entitled: "The Ultimate Edge".

I believe this is the best trading system in the world because it plays on the only 2 consistent truths about the stock market. Whether the market's going up or down, even if you don't know a thing about the stock market, wherever you are in the world, The Guerrilla Stock Trading System could easily make you a steady income forever!

Don't forget: I'm also sending you 3 FREE personal phone call consultation certificates worth $480 each. Just part of the amazing support package designed to hold your hand all the way to fast, regular and low risk profits!

Read This Only If You Are Still Undecided:

And remember, a few percent on each trade constantly re-invested is all we need to make $345,061 in 10 Weeks!

"I've done 57 winning trades in a
row in just under four weeks."

"It's pretty uncommon in today's world for any product to live up to its billing. In this case, the trading system is every bit as good as was promised. In fact, the truth is I would say it is the best case I have seen in a long time of over-promising and under-delivering...I just followed the rules. They are there to remove the guesswork."
-- Richard Ottaviano.

"For so many years I nurtured the hope that there was a money making system out there that was just right for me, and now I've found it. I never thought this day would come. I walk around with a smile on my face I can't wipe off!"
-- Gina Ando.

"I have been very cautious and still managed to make between 2% and 5% on the majority of my trades...I love the freedom of being able to trade and walk away for the rest of the day not worrying about how my "stock" is doing."
-- B. Smith.

"Trading only 8-12 times a month, I had more than doubled our initial investment. As a matter of fact, we have since made an incredible 3.5 times our money only trading part-time." -- D. Meacham.

"Even yesterday in a tough market I pulled out 2.08%." -- Al Hancock.

"My paper-trading with $3000 went extremely well, showing an average of 2.07% gain per trade. It was amazing to see the bottom line in Excel grow at such a rate. I have recently started trading with my money and have a 1.72% average in 25 trades." -- Ron McDowell.

"I have taken every opportunity you have given me, and most importantly being able to call you. You have been personally instructing me for over 6 months. With your personal instructions and encouragement I have made thousands." -- J. Kuezarski.

"I started out with just $2,000 and to date, have $8,352 doing just part-time stock trading by following your instruction." -- Dr. S. Johnson.

"The instruction manual is excellent. It is very detailed and concise. Second, the ongoing support is tremendous. The weekly conference calls have helped me a great deal. You seem to touch on the points I need additional help with. After doing about 15 paper-trades, I recently started trading real money...I am averaging 1.8% gain per trade."
-- Mark Dunwell.

"Once we completed our learning, we made about $200 a week with an investment of $1500. That grew to $2000, then to over #3,000, then $7,,000, then $14,000+. Even in this bear market, maybe especially in this bear market, it's possible to make excellent income."
-- Robert & Marilyn Harris

"I would like to express my gratitude for the ongoing teaching and flow of information to me. It has been a huge help in listening to the conference calls on Monday's and Wednesday's...I believe I'm on my way to making a small fortune that will free me from financial restraints!!!"
-- Steven Rattray.

"We have paper traded, starting in earnest 9 months ago with $2,000. As of this date, it has increased in excess of $20,000...We have proven we can successfully trade, also make mistakes and still accumulate profits. We had absolutely no stock trading experience prior to being introduced to your system...We enjoy your Monday and Wednesday conference calls and all the information, comments, references and questions provided...Thanks for your support." -- Allen Thompson.

"If you stick with the program and do what it says to do you will be thousands richer. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make...The only money I have lost is when I find myself breaking the rules of the system." -- J. Kaatz.

"I was absolutely amazed how well I did in picking winning releases. Of the 4 stories I chose in the first 2 days, 2 were 100% gainers and the other 2 were 75% gainers." -- J. Seymour.

"I have been trading now for a couple of weeks and am SO excited. You have truly found the goose that lays the golden egg...In my trades, I am hitting real close to, if not, 100% accuracy in picking good pre-market opening stories."
-- Jim Headley.

"I just want to share our exuberance on our first day of trading your system as we achieved a 15% gain." -- M. Koch.

"The whole program is a gift...a life changing gift. I am always amazed at the instructions. They are so thoroughly explained and carefully worded. Thank you for that. Some of us, myself included, have not had a lot of experience with stock trading." -- Jerry Schell.

"I have purchased many stock programs but this one makes trading so easy I believe anyone with the IQ of freezer temperature could do this. I wish I could have purchased this course earlier because in my opinion this is all you need to make a real honest living."
-- Tim Salley.

"I was amazed just how much good news stories affect stock prices. These really serve as an eye opener to me."
-- L. Olipaz.

"I do appreciate the gift of the report you sent me and also the statement you made about feeling free to call you with the enclosed number if I have any problems. That is what I call service above and beyond what anyone has the right to expect." -- H. Virden.

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1/2/2006 6:26:34 PM


If it's too good to be true, it most likely is though, right?

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1/2/2006 7:44:27 PM

What the **** does he have to write so much to persuade his readers if he HIMSELF is so resolutely convinced of his own trading system? It took me over 10 minutes to digest what he was getting at, only to realize that he had nothing subtantial to offer.

So what's the catch of posting this, other than to "bamboozle" (to borrow the writer's term) the silly & the naive among us?

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1/2/2006 9:00:52 PM

only $2497? Damn, where's the line?

You are right there is a grain of truth in that pitch, but wow, I don't know anyone in their right mind who would pay that much money for a money making system.

I especially like the line-
"all daytraders lose their money"


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1/2/2006 9:06:13 PM

You might not know anyone, but there are PLENTY of people who do pay for one (much more than that). In fact people pay people that much $ easily to write code for them. Whats the code for? To translate their money making system into an auto trading TS strategy.

Believe me 2497 is chump change for something legit, I bet the first post is completely unlegit.

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1/2/2006 10:11:54 PM

I posted this for 2 reasons:

1) the idea of taking small profits (1%, 2%, ...) is something I have been saying for years.

2) the idea of trading stocks on news and taking your profit quick is something else I tell traders daily.

I am NOT telling anyone to buy this.

It's more like my "detective" posts... he gave us all we need to know to make money... find stocks moving on news and get in/out fast.

Look at GTE last week... perfect example!


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1/2/2006 11:18:22 PM

limestar, that makes sense. But only for people who are dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars, and if the system really does have good success rate.

I was more so thinking in terms of the average person who's trading with more modest amounts, particularily newbies who are most likely to get sucked into a scam.

TRO, I agree with your ideas of taking small profits and getting out quickly.

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1/3/2006 9:38:31 AM

I look for 10-40% profit of trade instead. Whatever works.

Would you pay $2497 for a system that made you $50k per year? How about $10k per year? How about $6k per year(Thats more than 100% per year)?

Both numbers are far less than 100,000 dollars and both year end profit numbers make more than obvious sense from a value perspective.

If you take 1-2% per trade you have to be trading alot of money to begin with to cover yourself from overtrading and to see significant profits at year end. Its safe to assume you don't/won't have a 100% winning record.

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1/3/2006 12:03:54 PM

If the "first-post" person who wrote that long long long advertisement about this so called unique and successful system spent more time simplifying his selling technique he just might convince someone this method is legit.

Also, this guy writes more script than anyone in this web site. I have this feeling he is hoping someone will hire him to do their investing for them. Or, has nothing else to do and is bored to tears. Blow people over with so much jargon that we lose the real message isn't what we want to see.

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