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5/29/2005 10:48:08 AM

Hi !

It's a request feature to bring to number of possible backtests to 30.
15 is really a limiting factor to compare several filters !

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5/29/2005 12:13:20 PM

I agree. It's a big hassle to have to keep deleting results of filters you want to keep, to backtest a new filter.

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6/5/2005 9:54:18 AM

I found that I have to record my results with the exact criteria in a file on my computer, whether spreadsheet or text file. Sometimes I got a certain result, but then forgot exactly what filter I had used. If I tweaked some parameters or the details of the filter, I could get entirely different results. Also, one filter might return good results during a good period, but bad during another, say in a bearish market. This kind of utility is really great, though it does take time and effort to keep testing. Their computers must be getting a workout. At least once you test a filter and it seems to be suitable for you, you don't have to retest it anymore, but can implement it, then when you have a chance, test other ideas. When testing this, you can just remember the one with the highest ROI, but you tweak something as subtle as volume and the results could be dramatically different. I would like to see more than 15 backtesting scenarios, but I wouldn't want to see their servers overwhelmed as well. Right now, you can run it and it goes to completion in a few seconds. That is not bad for what it does.

Sometimes I wished in a filter, I could compare a stock to another stock, like QQQQ or NAZ criteria. Like as example, give me the results of my filter showing all stocks only when the RSI(2) of the NAZDAQ is less than 1(!). Right now I can't see how to do that, except to go back and find those days and plug in those dates.

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