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4/6/2005 8:51:32 AM

Is there a way to include an instruction in a filter so that the volume portion of the chart does not display?

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4/7/2005 10:29:57 PM

Good question!
It will avoid scrolling when scanning dozens of charts.
Me too will looking forward from some one's help.

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4/8/2005 6:40:44 AM

You can remove most all indicators except for volume, see:

do not draw

Steve Support

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4/25/2005 1:52:52 AM

Hi, Rick:
We know now volume has to be displayed. However, in order to avoid scrolling when analizing Watch Lists, I suggest what I do now:
1) Minimize the chart (Click the middle box on right top)
2) Position the chart where you want by lef click and holding the top heading and movig it. I position it in the middle, leaving the stocks list visible in the left side.
3) Thin the chart from the right border. (Put the mouse on the right border until you see the horizontal arrows and SQUEEZE TO THE LEFT). The chart becomes thinner but TALLER AND YOU WILL SEE ALL THE STUDIES APPEARING ON THE ENTIRE SCREEN. You do it once and that sets up the chart to scan dozens or hundreds without scrolling.
Sounds novice but it works. I hope it will help your scanning and some one else with the same issue.

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8/3/2020 9:17:17 AM

You can remove volume chart.
Select Account->Settings
Then scroll down to "Preview Chart" drop down menu and select "Hide Volume Plot"
Scroll up and "Save" your changes

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