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1/16/2005 5:57:45 PM

Here is a filter phrase I have found useful. It provides a simple way to display in a column the Bollinger Band Range Percentage value of a stock's closing price.

Or it can be used to find stocks at a particular point within the range of the lower and upper Bollinger bands. It is expressed as a percentage.

set{BollA, Close - Lower Bollinger Band(20)} and set{BollB, Upper Bollinger Band(20) - Lower Bollinger Band(20)} and set{BollC, BollA / BollB} and set{BBRangePct, BollC * 100} and add column BBRangePct

It generates a column that can be toggled to order the Bollinger Band Range Percentage results in ascending or descending order.

A result of 112 for instance would be a stock that closed above the UBB, one of -20 would be one below the LBB. A result of 100 would be exactly at the upper BB, and one of 50 would be at the midrange (or sma20). A result of 0 would be exactly on the LBB.

[Note to SF Techs: I would like to request that you consider this or some other formulation of the Bollinger Band Range as an additional indicator for SF use].


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1/16/2005 8:30:27 PM


You should have a look at "Bollinger(20) %B". I think you will find it is the same as the calculation you are doing. You may also find interest in "Bollinger(20) Width".

price above 1
and add column Bollinger(20) %B

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1/17/2005 12:14:40 AM

Sure enough. I outright missed seeing it on the list. Thanks.

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