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1/8/2005 5:49:49 PM

I am attempting (if possible) to construct a filter that takes a
SMA(50) of the bars mid point dayrange (H-L)/2 and subtract this from a SMA(20) of the bars midpoint dayrange (H-L)/2 and plots the results preferably as a Histogram.

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1/8/2005 11:15:29 PM


The hisrogram part is possible but it is not a very usable form. If you search for yepher and Histrogram you will see example solution to the problem.

As for the rest of the indicator it seems you already have all the syntax you need in the description. Here is the indicator as a clickable link

set{dayDelta, high - low}
set{midPoint, dayDelta / 2}
set{myVals, cma(midPoint, 20) - cma(midPoint, 50)}
myVals above 0
and draw myVals
and draw myVals line at 0

and price above 1
and volume above 1000000


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