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5/7/2004 3:08:00 PM

RE: txtrapper 11/13/2003 9:18:52 PM

EXEG $0.66....Strong Performance today,may bounce off ema13! Good volume too!
NGLD $0.10....10 cent price swing in one day, strong volume! Possible Breakout!
VACM $0.40....8 cent price swing in one day, strong volume!

Pretty good analysis & evaluation (A&E)
Maybe we can work together on the next 3
DSCI 1.04 bumping of Support
ABMC 1.05 looks like bottom
TDYN 0.27 nowhere to go but up

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5/10/2004 9:32:24 PM

Stock Picks for Tuesday...May 11, 2004

MOMOS...$1.00 - $5.00

LSRI...$2.75 Resistance/Sell @ $3.00
Support @ $2.60

RONC...$3.07 Resistance/Sell @ $3.25
Support @ $2.88

SIII...$1.59 Resistance/Sell @ $1.85
Support @ $1.50

PENNY PLAYS....$0.01 - $1.00

BYWD...$0.14 Resistance/Sell @ $0.16
Support @ $0.11

CCLH...$0.63 Resistance/Sell @ $0.68
Support @ $0.58

DIGF...$0.81 Resistance/Sell @ $1.05
Support @ $0.76


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5/11/2004 7:32:19 PM

My only reason is that they come from scans that have been producing excellent results.
The same scans last night gave me VLGC ACCL RML SVYR for today. Of course the market action helped tremendously today but these have been good even in down market. Short term, usually 10-30% in less than a week. Winners average 75-80% of hits. All these scans came from SF I believe. I take the ones you people post and test them over 2-3 months to my criteria. So they are nothing new that has not already appeared on here before. Thanks to all of you.

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5/12/2004 8:54:32 AM

Watch these two;



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1/2/2005 2:49:52 PM

wish this was still going!

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1/2/2005 9:41:15 PM

go to

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7/13/2005 11:48:26 PM

Here is my first recommendation, and it is hot!!

symbol: CAFE

"SHORT" (DO NOT BUY ...THIS IS A SHORT!!)at open tomarro moring July 14 '05

Do not watch the day, or you may get scared out of your position.

"COVER YOUR SHORT" (get out of your trade) after first long or semi-long red day, get out at open of next day after the long red.

Best exit will probably be at market open on July 16 '05 ...second guess would be open on july 17. I like the 16th for this one though.

This stock has a high probablility of dropping below $6.80

This should not be held longer than 4 days

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7/14/2005 12:27:40 AM

TX Trapper now has a stock-picking group on yahoo (see rdrr2005's post just above yours) and you could compare your daily/weekly picks with others. It might be more interesting than posting picks by yourself.

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7/14/2005 11:07:23 AM

oops, Corsino pointed out that 16th and 17th are on the weekend ... so two day adjustment on those dates ..replace 16th and 17th ..should read 18th and 19th.

Sorry Charlie!


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