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12/29/2004 2:46:10 AM

Signed up for SF today, thanks for such a wonderful service.

is there a forum for requesting filters? here is one id like to work on:

price is between $7 and $75
price is near lower bollinger
price is below MA20 but trending up
price is below MA200 but trending up
volotility(5) is high (is this possible?)
price is near prev. day support (wishful thinking? heh)
volume(30) is above 250000

i might be shooting for the stars on this one, just thought id ask if it is possible.

also if anyone has any recommended modifications id love to hear them.

thanks so much for offering such a wonderful product.

good luck trading.

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12/29/2004 7:01:32 PM

try this... I took some liberty in interperting what I thought you meant in a
couple of places ;)


price between 7 and 75
and price is near lower bollinger(20)
and price is below MA(20)
and the 20 day slope of ma(20) above 0
and price is below MA(200)
and the 200 day slope of ma(200) above 0
/* volotility(5) is high (is this possible) */
and bollinger(20) width near bollinger(20) width 6 month high

/* and price is near prev. day support (wishful thinking heh) */
set{a, high + low}
set{b, close + a}
set{typical, b / 3}
and price near typical

and volume(30) is above 250000

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12/29/2004 8:43:53 PM

thank you very much for making the effort, but i think it isnt working as well as i thought :(

any suggestions or modifications that may return better results?

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12/29/2004 9:08:58 PM

Well, just one suggestion: You might consider joining the SF Muddy Method group. Great ideas there, and some filters with long proven track records.

TheURL is:


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12/30/2004 6:33:14 PM

thanks, i joined another group on here, not really sure what to do in tehre though, it seams like they just feed picks but im not very good at seperating the good ones from the bad ones just yet.

i joined that group in that 140pg thread, or is it the same one?

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