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8/10/2003 12:10:44 AM

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10/3/2003 8:44:52 PM

'He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.' (NIV) Genesis 16:12

Koliga's Rapture Index!
Unlike other "rapture" indexes that are complicated, highly subjective and do not provide the magic number at which point the rapture will take place, Koliga's index is simple, accurate and indeed predicts when the magic moment will arrive.

Revelation chapter 18 describes Babylon to be an important trading center.
Daniel Chapters 2 and 7 describes the final Gentile empire to be a 10-nation confederacy that will play a critical role during the end times.
The Tribulation Temple is another critical element and is described in Daniel 9:27
The Antichrist, or last world ruler is also an indicator that the rapture is about to occur.

Does Revived Rome exist? No - zero points

Does Babylon exist as a viable trade center? No - zero points

Does Israel display a desire to start building the Temple? No - zero points

Is there a genuine crying for world peace? No - zero points

Is a world leader talking about a peace treaty with Israel that will include Temple worship and will be 7 years in duration? No - zero points

Zero points right now!

0 points - Forget it, go about your life because the rapture is at least 10 years away.
1 point Get ready for a fabulous trip
2 points Make sure your house is ready for abandonment
3 points Tell all your friends and relatives that you are getting ready to fly to heaven
4 points Cancel all appointments
5 points The rapture will take place in less than 12 months
Be sure to visit Koliga, the most controversial and informative forum on the net!

The EU cannot be revived Rome. Folks that claim it is can't count. TEN! Hello?
Daniel's statue is clear about that. It's amazing how stupid folks are. Five of the nations will be on the eastern LEG of the ancient empire and five on the western LEG. The EU does not fit by any description. The only reason folks claim the EU is Revived Rome is to claim immediacy.

Paul makes it clear in Thessalonians 1 and 2 that the age of grace ends with the rapture and the day of the Lord begins. The first seal to be opened will be the revealing of the Antichrist. This dictator is nowhere to be seen today. No reason to talk about an immenant rapture when Israel does not want to rebuild their Temple and don't have any way of doing it. No reason to talk about an immenant rapture when there is no revived Rome or any of the conditions spelled out in Daniel, Revelation, Ezekiel and Thessalonians.

Claiming "any day now" without good logical reason is stupid and serves no purpose other than to gratify the need for wishful thinking.

The next time somone posts "any day now" ask them where the required conditions are.

Babbling about disasters, diseases, earthquakes and moral corruption does no good whatever. We have had those since the crucifixion and before.

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10/3/2003 10:54:47 PM

I don't think anyone understands the colostomy of this situation


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10/4/2003 1:48:20 PM

are you posting on the right "forum"???
Anyways, if I may respond:
I am NOT a theological expert, but in my HO:
Revived Rome=EU ORIGINAL 10 countries, was it not???
Babylon=OPEC countries
Israel Temple...don't know what it is called, but there IS a big temple to be built soon! I can't remember the details right now...will post later if my brain can complete the neural connection.
World Peace...hello...what about the outcry of the world before Iraq invasion...I would consider that world peace.
Doesn't the Bible say Jesus is coming "like a thief in the night" and NO ONE can predict when the end will be at hand?

'nuff said,
M aka jthehut
ps if this is a way to get back at de Bono posts, by posting Koliga outside-of-stock-market stuff, we are getting WAY off topic here!!!

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11/5/2003 11:48:08 PM

are you ref. to the temple or the city. If your ead the bible it talks about the new Israel being created when the Lord comes again. Maybe that is what it means.

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