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9/22/2003 2:25:47 PM


"We need a kind of volume price limit.
We do need a (Volume*Price)criterion to make it meaningful.
ridiculous untradeable filters.
My suggestion is to set a minimum limit price of 1.00 and 100000 volume.
This way, we are all on the same footing and can really compare each others' filters."

I hear you loud and clear.

I will make it happen!!!

But as technical analysts, we must learn from this:

- The gains are greater with lower priced stocks.
- The gains are not the same for different price stocks.
- Wherever we put the limit, say $1,$5 or $10 some group of traders will be left out and may have the same arguments we are seeing now i.e. the lower ones are beating the higher ones.
- Perhaps we should have different lists that appease different groups just as in the music industry. Jimi Hendrix would never be the top of the Classic List.
- We want a balance of high gains with less risk.

Koronbock: "I personally would not mind waiting for a filter a little longer to be tested (server capacity) if this is necessary."

Currently, the system does 120 round trips to StockFetcher for every request.
If we change the range from 120 to something else, say 240, it will take twice as long and previous filter tests will have to be re-done so that comparisons are correct.

"It's not about being number 1 on the list, but coming up with profitable filters that will help each other make money."

I agree 100%. Maybe I should not have made the HALL OF FAME TOP 25.
I would be happy if I could "guarantee" 10%-25% within the average 3-day trade.
I think most of us would be happy as well.
Sure, it is nice to see an occasional 50%-100% increase and more power to those who make them. Please show us how we can make them consistently.
I know that trading is more important than filtering, but I want to make a SUPER FILTER that gives us very high probability of consistent success even if it is only 10% per 3-day trading window.

Think about it.


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9/22/2003 4:04:33 PM

The G5 site is shut down at this time!

Anytime you rank the top 25 of anything, you should expect competition, that's what has happened at G5, apparantly we were to give our best filters to G5 to rank, then the competion came in and many with competetive spirits, myself included, got involved in getting to the #1 spot and staying there, this I have accomplished, by tuning available filters to make them get a higher count. I am surprised to see it shut down, but it was full of bugs, I could not get but 9 filters many times on a page, never saw the top 25 total, bit still my little filter with a price modificaiton, still kicks b_tt. Try it and see! It's available at G5 Hall of Fame. Look for the "Widow Maker".


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9/22/2003 4:05:20 PM

thank you for your well balanced and thoughtful response. This is cooperation at its best!
For practical matters I would set the limit to - something like - $1 and 100,000 shares. This way most bogus filters will disappear and the "real gold" will appear. If somebody likes the limit lower (or higher) it is still possible to test the filter individually. There should be no filter result that gives us UNTRADEABLE FILTERS (even for the smallest trader). Thus the lower limit makes the most sense.
Ideally of course, these limits would be user defineable, but I do not want to put any undue pressure or work onto you. It is already a lot you have given to us.

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9/22/2003 8:54:52 PM

Geodepe, your site is a very usefull tool.

I thank you to develop this wonderfull technology who helps us to verify the quality of our filters.

The bogus is not on your site but on Stockfetcher's database.

For exemple, look at the chart of IFXCV.

Every filter who returned IFXCV for Friday June 13 2003 has an amazing performance of ...

***** 29900 % ******

in their statistics.


But, if you look at the chart of this company, you will be very disappointed by what you will see...

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9/22/2003 8:58:02 PM

Perhaps just have 2 groups:

1) Under $1

2) $1 and above.

I trade stocks in both groups.

Traded TTXI, RBAK and RHAT today. Quite a spread.

Funny thing is.... the filter "competition" has NOTHING to do with trading.

Don't let ANY FILTER make you a lazy trader. Don't use filters as crutches.

The filters are a starting point... not the end point. YOU HAVE TO TRADE.

I missed an nice $100 bill on RHAT because I took the safe entry instead of the scapler's entry. CAN'T BLAME THE FILTER ON THAT!

I took the 15% profit off of TTXI when the chart said to sell. Had I waited, it would have been 30%. But I did try to buy back in and didn't get filled. But that's trading!

I took the 2% profit off RBAK because the tide turned. But it turned back. Missed another 2%. But that's trading.


The goal is to make money. Filters don't make you money, TRADING DOES!


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9/23/2003 11:08:25 AM

I have been looking at G5 and can't find much positive to say about it.

I have had it analyze some really good filters such as MOAF, Good Gainer, Killer and even Simple Method with extremely poor returns. So poor that I would have tossed the filters were it not for the fact that I track these on .
Mika has posted an exceptional filter that should be getting all the rave reviews and intstead all attention is focused on creating yet one more useless filter that will trade stocks nobody can make money on.

Now, a lot of posts immediately get wrapped up into personalities and "ME #1" contests, so I have become weary of SF forums. I don't intend to visit much in the future because of some people having to have the number one filter even if it's totally useless for trading.

I don't believe one can automatically backtest anything with any success. I have never seen it work.

I believe a lot of folks are getting sidetracked from stock trading to "ME HAVE #1 FILTER - ME #1"
Big deal that does not put any money in the bank.

I am going to keep on concentrating on developing effective trading methods that are safe, that work most of the time, and that make money.

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9/23/2003 1:14:17 PM

Hey Joe,

Which filter by MIKA is it?

Thanks in advance!


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9/23/2003 1:49:17 PM

Filter Exchange Forum - - mika's Dragon-Tail filter

I am watching it right now and may add it to my trading systems in a week or 2 if it holds up. It does not shine so well from days 1-3 but after 4 days it turns into a money machine from what I have seen.
This looks like an exceptional piece of work and folks ought to give Mika credit for a real contribution.

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