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7/9/2003 4:23:34 PM

I think stockfetcher needs to add simulated trading accounts for us to use. Some of us could learn from one another doing that. For instance you pick the stock or stocks you want to buy for the following day and enter them in. You can't make sell decisions till after market closes though because I know stockfetcher doesnt have access to real time data.I think it would be a good addition and many people could learn from others on here by examining there trading styles.

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7/9/2003 8:33:07 PM

Sf has backtesting. Wouldn't that achieve the same?

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7/9/2003 10:38:48 PM

There already is an excellent market simulation at

All you have to do is log on and start trading. It's free. No prizes.
At Koliga we talk about trading systems, stocks and methods. We also talk about our gains and losses for the day.

On Lycos I am elpaso-joe, I finished 53d out of 800+
Yes, I use Stockfetcher filters.

Both of those sites are great places to learn to to kick the market around.

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7/10/2003 1:35:40 PM

HI Noah,I live watch filter picks on MedVed Quotracker on a seperate watchlist designated "stockfetcher".There is getting to be so many good filters posted here now that I run thru them and try to pick the cream of the crop and load them in the list at the closing price 100 sh. ea. and note which filter they came from in the comment box for practice.Some I buy and some stay as papertrades.I also watch 40-50 techs,retailers, banks,I-shares and other lists that school together up and down as the markrt moves,which is easily monitored with MedVeds mini charts and trade the daily pivots of the whole school visually,but thats a different story.

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