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5/9/2003 11:34:50 PM

How bout this for an impressive screen. Show stocks where close tomorrow gained 20 percent over close today.

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5/10/2003 2:38:07 PM

yes many do go down but also go back up. The market has much suspense doesn't it :) Guys I urge you to just constantly study these filters. The beauty of this website is hindsite knowledge. You can get a general idea of how your filter has performed in the past. Another filter I have found to produce descent results is:

Show stocks where Average Volume(90) is above 1000000
and ,DI(14) is above 20
and close is between .5 and 1.5
and volume is above 1
and date offset is 10

Just change the offset is 10 to whatever you want. Of course if you actually plan on buying with that you need to offset it by 0.

To answer the mans question about the filter just click on tour. I beleive it shows you how to chain. You really dont have to chain. You can use the word AND just make sure it produce the correct results.


I have noticed while looking at these stocks that the average of all the stocks 95% of the time or more produce great returns within 10 days. I thought of this: why not buy all the stocks? I prefer $1000 invested per stock. You will need to filter down to where it just filters 5 stocks or so. Buy all the stocks the next day but try to get the best price you can. Buying all the stocks will greatly improve your success rates. Doing this I actually see no reason why you shouldn't make a return of 20% a month at minimum. That is very exciting to most people who dream of making that in a year. The beauty of all this is the fact it is all compounding. That means if you started with $5000 12 months from now at 20% a month would be $44,580.50 minus taxes and commision of course. That is a return any of us would be proud of. It may not seem like much but wait till the next year when your total dollar amount would be $270,000.00. I have hope for all of you and I wish you best luck. I beleive everyone should have this opportunity in life. God gives us the knowledge to succeed without having to toil with our hands for the rest of our lives. Let your money work for you and you will have a happier life serving our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sorry for my spelling :)

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5/10/2003 2:41:34 PM

I should like to say one more thing. The stock market is exciting because it can allow anyone to become wealthy if they so put in the time. StockFetcher has provided us with the resources that allows us to maximize our time. This is unlike the old days when there was no computer to help you just a newspaper. (i am only 21 so i dont know those days :))

I would like to give you all hope with the fact of knowing you should be able to make a million dollars in a max. of 5 years. At that point you can enjoy your life to the fullest serving God and being happy. Don't forget to give thanks to the man that makes this possible above.

God Bless

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5/17/2003 10:07:51 PM

I think I discussed the difference of the Chain and AND in a filter in another post. I am sure you can find your answers on the tour section of this board. You can use and or chain a filter. Both work the same. Currently I do not use stop losses because I buy all my stocks at because I buy all the stocks in the filters to get the average over 10 days which always produces good results! There is no need for a stop loss because the chances of 30 stocks going down 10-15% is very slim to none.


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6/23/2003 9:56:51 PM

I generally swing and day trade, so am looking for min. moves of around 3 points. So, it may not pertain to your situation. However, I recommend using a limit order with a price that is a little above the bid. This will act as a market order with a limit for added protection.

When a stock triggers a position I want to enter asap. So, let's say is $45.12 x $45.15, I will enter a limit of say $45.21. This says buy with a market order but pay no more then $45.21. Most times you will get price improvement. You will get the best price like a market order. For me a nickle is not worth missing the larger run. Playing only the bid will miss many of the "best" runners.

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6/23/2003 10:53:19 PM

ranbaker, absolutely true. When a stock is in the sweet spot, say breaking resistance on an intraday chart, they often move fast and furious. If you don't make a bid that is just a tad high it will pass you by in the blink of an eye, particularly on the NASDAQ where things happen very fast. But for those playing penny stocks be very careful bidding a few pennies higher, that may represent a subatantial percentage increase.

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