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9/30/2021 4:05:42 AM

Hello folks,

Looking for some basic help using the "within" filter.

On a filter line such as:
XXX is below -1 within the last 2 weeks

I am able to see clearly that this is true for a given stock and if I remove the "within" clause and use the scroll back feature going back one day at a time in the filter dialog I can see my stock eventually meets the criteria by clicking back just a few days (i.e. less than 2 weeks).

However, if I add the "within the last 2 weeks" criteria the stock does not appear as meeting the criteria.

For a particular example I am working with the MACD and trying to flag stocks where the Fast Line was below -1

In my script below I am using the stock BERY as it met the "below -1" criteria on Sep 22, 2021, which at time of writing on Sep 30, was just about 8 days ago (or less in trading days).

If I use the below without the "within 2 weeks" filter and scroll back to Sep 22 the stock appears in the results. If I use that "within 2 weeks" filter as of today, Sep 30, the stock does not appear to meet the filter's criteria.

Note: in my example I am using some user defined variables and displaying them as columns so I can see exactly what the values are for Fast, Slow, and Divergence for each day.

I am using the variable in my criteria line but I've tried this with the basic function itself and also not having any luck, thus why I started using the variables so I could see for myself what the values really are.

Any help is much appreciated!

apply to symlist(BERY)

set{Divergence,MACD Histogram(8,16)}
add column Divergence

set{MyDiv,MACD Fast Line(8,16,11) - MACD Slow Line(8,16,11)}
add column MyDiv

set{MyMFL,MACD Fast Line(8,16,11)}
add column MyMFL

set{MyMSL,MACD Slow Line(8,16,11)}
add column MyMSL

draw MACD Fast Line(8,16,11)
MyMFL is below -1 within the last 2 weeks

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9/30/2021 8:51:22 AM

Could you try using IN instead of within

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9/30/2021 10:53:11 AM


The following should work for you:

MyMFL crossed below -1 within the last 2 weeks

My guess is by replacing "is" with "crossed" SF understands it to be more of a temporary occurrence as opposed to a more permanent status.

Which probably explains why when you went back to the actual day without the "within" it returns a result for that date....but this is only a guess on my part as nuances of SFs language and syntax processing occasionally create quite the mystery.

Hope this helps,
Ed S.

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9/30/2021 11:35:03 AM

Thanks for the reply. That still wasn't quite working.

Thanks for the reply also. That actually seems to be working!

If I play with something like:
MyMFL crossed below -1 within the last 2 days
and keep increasing by 1 (via manually changing the number in the filter) the number of days to look back until I hit 8 then suddenly the filter reveals that stock so it seems to be applying the criteria nicely to the look back window specified.

Thanks so much!

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