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7/6/2021 11:59:44 PM

Sorry for flooding the thread tonight , I finally had enough free time that I could sit down undisturbed to answer the questions y'all have been asking.

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7/7/2021 1:09:36 AM


I really like your posts in this thread.

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7/7/2021 12:32:26 PM

@push5280- just following up on your stop loss considerations in connection with your W/L calculation. I assume you aren't losing 7% of your equity on any given trade, but 7% against the size of your position. That being said, how does the calculation factor this variable into the equation? Or are you always entering your stops at a set % such as 7%, regardless of where your thesis behind the trade becomes incorrect? I adjust my position size depending on the trade, where i am wrong, and to losing no more than .5%-1.5% of total equity on any given trade setup.

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7/7/2021 1:04:34 PM


1. I was just trying to point out what appeared to be excessive steps to get to the ratio of 12 month gains to 12 month losses (the goal of 2). I didn't realize that your Goal Seek depended on those formula...

However, an alternative way of getting your new lower Stop loss percentage in those cases where the ratio calculation is less than 2.0 is to use the following formula in Excel:

=((12 month total gain/2) / #of losing trades)

2. I would still like to know if you are using a trailing stop or not?

Ed S.

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7/7/2021 1:26:15 PM


My stop is based on the trade not position size. If I buy xyz @ $1.00 and my stop is 7% my mental stop is $.93 . If the stock goes up, I adjust my stop to the new close and it stays at that price until the stock goes up again then I adjust my stop upward.

Yes, assuming each position is roughly 1/10th of your account a 5% loss would be .005% of your account.

@ nibor100

I ain't mad at you! I appreciate you trying to give me an easier way to calculate, I'll play with it tonight when I have a little more time.

Also, regarding stops yes I move my stops upward when the stock increases above my entry

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7/7/2021 7:06:01 PM

Thanks for your answers push5280

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7/8/2021 1:06:35 PM


Could you post an example of what your chart looks like ...
and an example of a buy signal and where you'd take profits..



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