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3/18/2021 12:45:01 PM

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The only thing that is saving me right now is Bitcoin and GBTC. My other holdings are down.

OMG! I know!!


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3/19/2021 8:23:51 AM

Cheese 3/18/2021 10:03:47 AM

The lesson I've learned is: There is no use crying over spilled milk.
What is done is done.
The more time I spend on regrets, the less time I'd have to find opportunities.
Bad luck and good luck go around and around.
Better luck on your next moves !

@ Cheese,
Given that NEWBIES might be reading this thread, I'm posting some comments here for their benefit.
NOT arguing with you --- Just posting for the sake of OTHER peeps ...
#1- "No use crying over spilled milk."
This is true. Crying does NOT help. Reviewing your mistakes is what you should be doing.
REFLECTING on your mistakes is how you learn.
You don't learn anything from crying over spilt milk.
ANALYZE your mistakes so that you don't make the same ones over again.
The lesson about the change of EC date was a big one. EC dates can change at the last minute!!!
Also, posting on this board helps as a reminder - for you and others.
Repeating the same mistakes = big losses.
#2 - "What's done is done."
Uhhh, nope. It's not "done" until you do a look back and review what you did right and what you did wrong.
Any newbies here, I'm telling you, do NOT move forward until you've ANALYZED your mistake.
Do not "move on" to the next trade until you understand where and HOW you *'d up.
If you CARE about learning to trade and KEEPING your money, you will do this.
#3- "The more time I spend on regrets, the less time I'd have to find opportunities."
Newbies - if you don't "look back" on your *k ups, you won't have any money left for opportunities.
(See my rule #2 on previous page - "Don't overextend yourself.")
Of course, most people "regret" making mistakes ... and losing money. But those who don't LEARN from history are bound to repeat it.
This is a JOB. And like any JOB, if you *k up, the market will fire you.
#4 - Bad luck, good luck, Better luck
Luck? Newbies! Don't go there. Save your "luck" for Las Vegas.
LEARN how to do what you're trying to do; otherwise you'll just be spittin' in the wind.

My mistake.
For some of you, trading is not a "job" because some of you have "jobs" and use your excess capital to "play the market" in lieu of gambling. If that is the case, this message does not apply to you.

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3/19/2021 8:50:43 AM

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modified 3/18/2021 9:58:32 AM
This filter seems to work pretty good.

THANKS for posting that filter.
Easy to tweak to my liking.

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3/19/2021 9:25:15 AM

The 10-Year Yield is up over 200% since August. Interest rates rising with wages remaining stagnant will kill the market eventually. Inflation followed by all the bubbles popping = deflation = interest rates lower=start the inflationary cycle again (rinse and repeat). My house goes on the market on Wednesday. My house has appreciated over 82% since May of 2013. I'm locking in my profits. I think the housing market can still go higher this year and maybe early into next year. We will see. Even so, I'm getting out now. This is how the wealthy become wealthier. They have the cash to buy assets at a significant discount capitalizing on others' misfortunes. I do not want to wait 4-6 years for the housing market to recover to get to the same point I'm at now.

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3/19/2021 3:00:16 PM

You always want to sell into the rise. Unfortunately the biggest gain is at the very end of the bull housing run and impossible to catch. Better early than late. Ideally best to move to a 3rd world country and pay 300 a month for a few years then snatch up foreclosures on Hubzu.

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3/20/2021 10:30:37 AM

One thing's for sure ...
RE is a helluva better investment than doing this.
People will always need a roof over their heads.
I'm in the process of renovating ..
STUDIO apartment - $1700./mo.
Yep. ONE room.
Of course, it depends on where you live.
Having the structure is the most important thing.
The LESS yard you have the better.
If you've got too much yard, it's just wasted space.
Put a trailer on it and rent it.

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3/20/2021 10:55:18 AM

@ shilllihs,
That's a great website.

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3/20/2021 7:40:00 PM

My humble opinion for avoiding Pigs: I used to have 2 big problems:
1- discipline of exiting at the "stops" ( « A long term trade is a Short term trade gone wrong»)
2- overtrading

I solved no.1!! ( Inspired by Chuck Hughes's style)
-A- only enter long in liquid-optionable- stocks in which 1 Mo EMA > 10 mo EMA and the 10 moEMA is trending up
B- instead of stock , buy an In the money call : the level of the call should be the stock stop level ( I use the lowest low of the last 3 months); use Chuck's 1% rule( do not pay > 1% extrinsic premium; so it takes a 1% move only to break even in the option); this guarantees you 'll be out when your hypothesis for your long position is no longer valid( in my case , a 3 month low), if you lack, like me, the discipline of getting out.
It also saves a lot of margin , simulating a stock with a ITM call+1%.
Ex: your stock is at 40; your stop is at 32; buy 32 call( expires more than 1 month out) : 1% of the stock price =0.4: ideally, do not pay > (40-32)+0.4= 8.4 premium .
* for No 2- I did not find a solution, but I try sticking to a 1-2 % max risk per trade /value of account + taking trades in less correlated markets. Maybe somebody else has an opinion in mastering the overtrading?

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3/20/2021 9:27:49 PM

Yeah Hubzu is a great site. I bought a home for 339k that was worth 640k, put 40k into it and sold it for 910k last year. Bought several condos for 80k or so that were worth 125k that I rent out for 1300-1600. In the right market it’s like free money. Why ever work?

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3/21/2021 7:39:49 AM

@ shilllihs,
I WISH I were 40 years younger and knew what I know now.
I KNOW the RE market in my city. That website had some incredible bargains.
I mean Unbelievable!

Sadly, that's one thing that sux about being "old" ...
My whole life is behind me instead of ahead of me ...
I just don't have enuf time left to do all the things I should've done 30 - 40 years ago.

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