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3/12/2021 11:18:38 PM

Thanks Chesse.

Maybe I was a little harsh but it is what it is.

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3/13/2021 10:35:28 AM

Totally in agreement : Although I' m not very active on the Forum , I use SF filters for my own trading for many-many years now. This group has seen it ALL. They always shared their filters and helped with their opinions improving them.
MACD has no secrets for this group , either. The chances you'll impress the group with your proprietary formula are close to NONE. I think you are in the wrong place with this mentality, sorry Wisam.

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3/13/2021 11:25:22 AM

I think a much better idea is to post your code in full and allow people to help you improve it. If you consider your options, this would be the much more enriching choice.

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3/13/2021 11:59:01 AM

Also, Wisam, if you think you discovered America with this MACD divergence filter, without even taking a look at it, I can tell you right away: You're wrong.
It took me years and years to remove all the complicated lines and MA's and oscillators from my real time trading .
1-The best thing that happened to me was to remove the daily charts from trading and only use weeklies filtered with monthlies.
2- as filters, a simple 3 week horizontal breakout up or down ( weekly Donchian might help) and that's almost all of it. Simple is always better.
Actually, The BIG secret is the Size of the Bet ( money management), not the indicators.

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