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10/1/2020 8:53:51 PM

was going through this video and found out that. couple of socks which end up between MA 50 and EMA 13 tend to gap up. Can someone help me with coding please

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10/2/2020 5:44:02 PM

Here's the general setup for the strategy with TTM Squeeze added for extra squeezability.


set{diff,ma(50) - ema(13)}
set{delta,diff / close}
add column delta
diff > 0
delta <= 0.10
diff decreasing for last 10 days
ema(13) increasing for last 3 days

close 1 day ago > ema(13)
close 1 day ago < ma(50)
close crossed above ma(50)
ttm_squeeze > 0

/* TTM Squeeze */

add column momo
draw momo

set{Pchange1,momentum(16)/momentum(16) 1 day ago}
set{Pchange,Pchange1 - 1}
add column pchange

set{sqz1,count(momo > .01,1)}
set{sqz2,count(momo < 0,1)}
set{sqz3,count(Upper Bollinger Band(20,2) < Upper Keltner Band(20,2),1)}
set{sqz4,count(Lower Bollinger Band(20,2) > Lower Keltner Band(20,2),1)}
set{sqz5,sqz3 * sqz4}
set{sqz6,sqz1 + sqz2}
set{TTM_Squeeze,sqz5 * sqz6}

draw ttm_Squeeze
do not draw diff
draw ema(13)
draw ma(50)

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10/3/2020 8:02:48 AM

Thanks Xalor!!

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10/4/2020 6:37:58 PM

Nice code.


draw momo

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10/5/2020 9:12:32 AM

@Mac, actually credit for that snippet fully goes to data-miner. And I wholeheartedly agree, it is some nice code indeed.

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10/5/2020 12:25:39 PM

Well Thanks to data-miner!

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10/8/2020 9:15:08 PM


How to use this filter? is this filter gives signal for BUY/SELL ?


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10/8/2020 9:53:49 PM


Go to YouTube and do a search for "ttm squeeze."

You'll find a number of informative videos; some linked to specific racing platforms (thinkorswim), others generic.

All are applicable to this type of charting.

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