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9/4/2020 11:28:08 AM

1. Let's say you've found a filter that has some chart indicator displays that you really like but some of your watchlist stocks don't come up when the filter is run for anyone of a variety of reasons.

a. First step is to view the filter in its Forum thread

b. then click on one of the 3 charts that show up under the filter.

c. Go to top left corner of the chart display, highlight the stock name and replace with one of the stock names from your watchlist.

d. Hit the Chart box and the chart will be replaced with a chart of your stock with all of the same indicators drawn as the filter intended to include the unique filter calculated indicators that were drawn.

Essentially you are running a display filter without having to modify the filter code...

2..Below you can try it on Mac's latest Guppy filter:

Ed S.


/* Bullish long filter.

Show stocks where RSI(14) is above 50.00
amd EMA(5) is above EMA(13) Filter is a combnation filter.

Involed in this filter is the
* Guppy Moving averages
* Center Keltner Band(21,2.0) plus center line which is
* RSI(14)

* Triggers to watch for = RSI 14 that is above 50.00
* Triggers to watch for = Look for RSI(14) line trending upward.
* Triggers to watch for = EMA(5) cross above EMA(13)
* Triggers to watch for = What are the two Guppy MMA's group
doing vs each other. Look at past winners.
* Not all triggers have to be when RSI(14) cross above 50.00 or when EMA(5) cross above EMA(13). Study past winners to see how the trend developes.
* Watch the RSI(14) at the end of trend. If stock is making new highs but low highs on the RSI(14) then trend is losing
* Remember not all trends pan out so be cautious.

* One can change the price , volume, Average Day
range(30),ETF, OTCBB to ones own liking.
* One can also " And EMA(5) is above EMA(13)" to the filer top so they don't have to sort the e513 column.
* One can add this to any past filter from past posters on

Show stocks where RSI(14) is above 50.00
draw Center Keltner Band(21,2.0)
price is above 0.01
price is below 25
and Volume is above 250000

add column separator
add column separator
and Average Day Range(30) is above 5.00
add column Average Day Range(30)
do not draw Average Day Range(30)

add column separator
add column separator
chart-time is 5 months
market is not otcbb
Market is not etf

Draw RSI(14) line at 70.00
Draw RSI(14) line at 60.00
Draw RSI(14) line at 50.00
Draw RSI(14) line at 40.00

/* rsi14xrsi14 is number of consecutive days rsi(14) above (+)/below(-) previous 50.00 */
set{rsi14rsi14b,days( rsi(14) is above 50.00 ,250)}
set{rsi14rsi14a,days( rsi(14) is below 50.00 ,250)}
set{rsi14-50, rsi14rsi14a - rsi14rsi14b} and add column rsi14-50 {rsi14-40}

Set{cntrsi14above50line,count( rsi(14) > 50.00 1day ago,1)}
draw cntrsi14above50line

Set{cntrsi14above50lineb,count( rsi(14) < 50.00 1day ago,1)}

draw cntrsi14above50lineb

add column separator
add column separator

draw ema(3)
draw ema(4)
draw ema(5)
draw ema(6)
draw ema(7)
draw ema(8)
draw ema(9)
draw ema(10)
draw ema(11)
draw ema(12)
draw ema(13)
draw ema(14)
draw ema(15)

draw ema(30)
draw ema(31)
draw ema(32)
draw ema(33)
draw ema(34)
draw ema(35)
draw ema(36)
draw ema(37)
draw ema(38)
draw ema(39)
draw ema(40)
draw ema(41)
draw ema(42)
draw ema(43)
draw ema(44)
draw ema(45)
draw ema(46)
draw ema(47)
draw ema(48)
draw ema(49)
draw ema(50)

/* e513 is number of consecutive days ema(5) above (+)/below(-) previous eMA(13) */
set{e513b,days( ema(5) is above eMA(13) ,250)}
set{e513a,days( ema(5) is below eMA(13) ,250)}
set{e513, e513a - e513b} and add column e513 {e513}

Set{cnt513,count( ema(5) > ema(13) ,1)}
draw cnt513

Set{cnt513b,count( ema(5) < ema(13) ,1)}

draw cnt513b

add column separator
add column separator

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9/4/2020 1:59:13 PM

Interesting Ed.

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9/5/2020 8:25:31 AM

That's handy

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9/5/2020 10:05:45 AM

Thanks for sharing Ed.

So, does that mean that the filters aren't "fetching" stocks that it is supposed to fetch?

If so, I've noticed this as well and as a newb...wasn't sure why it was the case.

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9/5/2020 4:37:17 PM

The filter is catching the stocks that its designed to by the criteria I wrote it for. If you have a stock that doesn't show up. Go to tools / chart+ / type in stock . It will tell you why it didn't show up . Like AAPL has a lower Average Day range(30) than 5.00

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9/6/2020 6:41:04 AM


1. No, it doesn't mean filters are not returning the stocks that meet their criteria. If you have one that is not finding the stocks you are expecting post it and a couple of the stocks that you believe should be in the results and I'll try and figure out why SF isn't producing those symbols in the Results list.

2. To demonstrate the nuance I was posting about click on 1 of the charts that pop up in this thread for the below simple filter and then type in AAPL and click chart and you should see a chart of AAPL with all of the same filter indicators showing updated for AAPL data.

3. To show the CHART+ nuance that Mac posted about, save the below simple filter to your saved filters list, then choose CHART+ from either the Tools menu or the bottom of the SF webpage:
a. then replace the stock name in the chart box with AAPL.
b. Scroll down the list of your saved filters on the left until you see the one for the below simple filter
c. The box to the right of that filter name should should show a red No and a red X
d. click on that filter line and you should see a list of that filter statements that SF has determined are excluding AAPL from showing up and also a list of that filter's statements that AAPL does meet.

(Note if you have a lot of saved filters it may take a minute for SF to process the entire list)

4. Another handy feature of this Chart+ filter list is the top right corner where it gives us a total number of our saved filters that would have AAPL in their Results list, along with a total count of the individual filter statements that are met by AAPL data

5. All of the times I've used Chart+ in the past I never noticed that additional filter debug capability, so thanks to Mac for pointing it out for all of us!

Hope this helps,
Ed S.

close < 30 close > 20
set{var, close * 20 day slope of high}
draw cmf(9)
draw var
draw 20 day slope of high

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9/6/2020 7:30:36 AM

Thanks ED!!!!

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