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8/19/2020 2:30:18 PM


I have been using your 1st day 5/13 cross filter..nice

My long term positions in AAPL,V,
FB, BRK, SQ, TWTR etc. are doing well.

All are hedged with monthly backspreads to gain shares during market drops in exchange for 90% of the upside. This helped me pickup a ton of shares in March ...

My intraday and intra-week trading is where I've been weak.
I have been doing more calendars and short term debit spreads.

I am still toying with improvement in the 1-3 day trading arena.
I still rotate between reversion and breakout trading.
I will gladly listen to anyone who's having consistent success.

Sand I will keep watching your progress.

p.s. Cheese It was good to hear you get some value out of my silly site.
Let me know what you'd improve...
You can DM me on that site under trending...

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8/19/2020 3:26:02 PM pleasure; I will always be thankful to those who have helped along the way!

I can't take credit for the 5/13 as it came from Mac in one of his posts somewhere; just re-jigged it to fit my visual needs.

Back spreads? lol my virgin mind got lost lol...what does that entail and how do u do that?

TSLA was good again today to the long side and have been on the short side using 1000P Oct for another quickie before the market closes. Who would have thunk with an OTM?

QQQ 275P for next Friday got filled earlier; will close 3/4 and let the rest marinade...and if it blows, I will scale in more.

I, naively, still fail to see "time frames" e.g. I just try to take what I can daily given this funky market!

Good luck all!

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8/21/2020 6:02:00 PM

8/13/2020 2:12:26 PM

SDGR and ZM having $10 days...will close them anytime; your mileage may vary. Amazing how options can magnify such moves picking weeklies ATM or even slightly OTM.

Will keep AYX for a while probably.

Playing AAPL and TSLA split runs. So far so good. Out of the remaining HIBL.

Had to post example of split runs for my kids:
PE, PEG, YLD, market cap...who cares anymore? Split run did its job....

To my kids: the market does not care what you does what it wants to do "fundamentals" (edit: and Gamma, theta, delta) be darned!

interestingly enough...Advance Decline has dropped to -17 while SPY retraced all its losses! Just WOW.

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8/21/2020 9:08:24 PM

@sandjco and @mac
Thank you for the 5/13 cross filter. I like it; however it can give over 100 possible stocks. Do you look at all 100 stock charts or do you have a way to narrow the candidates before you review the charts?
Also, what exit trigger works well with this filter?
Thank you both very much.

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8/21/2020 11:19:15 PM


RE: over 100 hits
you can tweak it however you like. for example:
- to fetch only the "buys"
- to fetch only from your watchlist
- to fetch stocks say over $10
- to fetch from only certain sectors
- or any combo of the above

market cap > 5000
close > 20
volume > 1000000

if you want only the buy to show then you can do this...
/* Trading Engine */
set{buy, count(EMA(5) crossed above EMA(13),1)}
buy > 0

I also don't mind looking at 100s of charts (crazy right?). I am thinking if my mind can process them ...maybe I will have an easier time making decisions during the day. My goal ultimately is to just look at price and volume action one day without any indicators.

RE: Exits
I am probably the last guy that can help you as I have no yin or yang in how I exit. Some have "targets" or certain pivots. I have only recently used the ATR script Kevin shared.

I try to do what I can to let the winners run as far as I can. I sell or scale out if my position sizing is getting too crazy. The one thing I have learned from the kind SF teachers here is to never ever double down on a losing position. never ever. If i did this and survive, i will have to post it!

Hope the above helps

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8/22/2020 9:52:08 AM

Your comments are very helpful. Thank you. I will start with " showing only the buys", and play around with a watchlist or certain sectors. Many traders feel that price and volume are all that matter because indicators are lagging. I hope that one day you are able to trade without indicators. After giving back potential profits too many times, I finally did learn to scale out of my winners.

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8/22/2020 12:11:35 PM

Many traders feel that price and volume are all that matter because indicators are lagging

This is a common misconception. In broad strokes:

  • Lagging indicators are trend-following, or momentum following indicators, such as moving averages and MACD.

    • Less vulnerable to fakeouts
    • Work great in trending markets

    • Less favorable entries
    • Don't work well in sideways markets

  • Leading indicators, typically oscillators, predict a trend change. Examples of leading indicators are Parabolic SAR, RSI, Stochastic, Momentum, and Williams %R.

    • Early entry before a big move.
    • Work great in sideways markets

    • Prone to fake-outs
    • Not good in trending markets

    The key is you have to learn how to use indicators in the correct market while minimizing their weakness. One popular and effective way is to receive at least 3 positive signals from different indicators.

    As sandjco preaches, however, you have to learn you. Not everyone trades the same and you have to understand what works for you and stick to that.

    "Picks and Pans, your StockFetcher educational thread"

  • ron22
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    8/22/2020 2:10:24 PM

    You and sandjco are absolutely correct. Learning ones self and sticking to my trading plan are the two hardest things for me.

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    8/22/2020 11:32:34 PM

    @ron22 and @xarlor...thank you for dropping by!

    @ron22...pls take this with a grain of salt...

    Are you a "follow the plan" kinda guy?

    when i started here, i thought in due time, i would be able to "trade like" (fill in the blanks...). The more I read, learned and listened..the more I realized I could never ever be "like them". I also couldn't imagine being able to code like Kevin or xarlor or Safetrade or ...

    For example...xarlor was kind enough to suggest a few very important things to me. The one that I always chuckle at is the "derp" play "rule" (trust me, it pops in my head before each trade!). Hard as I try...I haven't cut it out. The only diff? I have reduced my position sizing. I is part of how I am wired. After all, who would buy OTM calls 2 weeks out and treat it like a "penny stock lotto play" and ignore the geeks? They've surprisingly worked for me.

    Look at how certain posters write or code...some are structure and organized...some are all over the map!

    One thing i know for sure...I still have a lot to learn and discover!

    Here is a simple variation i use for scanning:
    chart-time is 6 months

    /* Define the market */

    /* Trading Engine */
    set{buy, count(EMA(5) crossed above EMA(13),1) * count(darvas box > darvas box 3 weeks ago,1)}
    buy > 0

    LOL @xarlor...don't think I can rename the thread anymore!

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    8/23/2020 10:15:33 AM

    I try to follow the plan. If I do not follow the plan, then I get stressed out. If I follow the plan and lose at least I did not wing it. I recently started a trading journal and it helps to review what worked and what did not work. As you said "everyone is different and has to follow their own style".

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