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7/13/2020 2:15:50 PM

Bought 5k GNPX at 3.09.
Now have 35k shares.
Can hardly wait for this to run.

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7/13/2020 4:04:17 PM

Dropping like a rock after hours. Is the BK. news for real?

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7/16/2020 10:17:43 AM

Sold 4k UAVS at 3.70
Plowing profits into GNPX.
Closing in on 50k shares.
Might not seem fashionable as of now.
When the news hits LOOK OUT

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7/16/2020 1:53:40 PM

Seems like the same pumper as that guy EE on the GNPX board.
What do the boiler rooms pay out now, $12 an hour?

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7/16/2020 2:59:52 PM



Add a little luck to your nice expertise, do you see a Cup and Handle forming?
Good luck.

On the risk management side, do you see China as a formidable threat to individual biotechs
and to your porfolio?

Back in Feb 2020, when Wuhan was ravaged by covid19, President Trump allowed Gilead
to bring its remdesivir to Wuhan to save Chinese lives.

Amazingly, the first thing the Wuhan Institute of Virology of the China Academy of Sciences
did was to apply for remdesivir patents with the China Bureau of Patents.
jointly with the Military Medicine Institute of the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Military Science.

At about the same time. China also cloned new covid19 drugs made by Japan.

Just a thought.

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7/16/2020 3:18:18 PM

shillllihs I have read EE posts as well.
I also have read all of Genprexs PR'S
My back ground is in science.
EE is spot on. This stock is a hidden gem.
I will wait it out, I don't need the money now to survive.

Thanks for the kind words.
I'm just trying to set up my retirement.
I know I have been hot on GNPX.
I also see that is basically going nowhere as of now.
I will keep accumulating shares, and build a respectful position in it.
I see this company as a buyout candidate,
Maybe in the next year or 2.
The technology they have, when approved will be epic.
Good Luck

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7/16/2020 4:50:37 PM

What is your exit, are you taking initial investment out when it doubles, are you really in practice going to hold this position when it’s 30 without fear of it crashing in hopes it keeps climbing.
Is this practical. And how suicidal would it make one if it tanks after holding for 20 years, as many have stated on that board that it will not go to 100 in 3 years.

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7/16/2020 6:43:10 PM

If I'm fortunate, and see 10 a share.
I plan on using options to lessen the stress.
Your questions are vaild.
At this point, I don't have this problem.
There are a myriad of option strategy's I am mulling over.
I won't let this stock go for small change.
I believe, right or wrong, once this breaks 10 it's off to the races.
Hopefully I will have 50k shares.
I will not be shaken out of it.
I don't concern myself with the day to day pennies.
This reminds me of AXSM.
Just need to be patient.
In the meantime I'm filling the void with xalors filter.
So far 4 very successful candidates to date.
Let's hope it keeps going.
Good Luck

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7/16/2020 10:10:58 PM

Ok, if you can stand looking at a stock that was once a penny stock now worth 2million and not selling it in hopes that it will go higher, that’s amazing.

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7/22/2020 3:54:58 PM

GNPX has started it's ascent.
Many catalysts in the pipe line.
Not an overnight sensation.
Keep an eye on it, put it on your ticker.
I bought another 5k today.
Still closing in on 50k shares.
When these technologies are realized, and put into practice.
This stock will not be cheap any longer.

Good Luck

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