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6/6/2020 11:02:58 AM

@xarlor, Thank you for your detailed and fast reply. I have used #1 with other filters and it worked well.

Thanks again. Ron

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6/6/2020 2:44:38 PM

@xarlor - forgive me as I don't comprehend SF filters commands as easily as I do TOS scripts.

I am using this criteria for all filters:
close above .25
close below 5.00
volume above 300000
market is not etf
market is not otcbb

Applying this to your filter yields 632 tickers & 37 tickers with data-miner's version (date 6/4 Thursday for both filters) . fundamentally, there's some difference. If you can take a moment & educate me, it'll really help me. Like so many tickers vs just 37 tickers

Secondly, Ron22 asked you about exit strategy, I need to know how to figure out an entry strategy when looking at sf chart, follow sqz blue boxes along with momo blue bars? Usually, you filters have ascending/descending columns or buy sell blue boxes - it makes it a lot more easier.

Lastly, is there a way to add float vol column, forgive me again - I am not bright at coding.

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6/6/2020 6:02:43 PM


A few methods of filter comparison/analysis that I've used in the past:

a. add a line that won't execute such as " low < 0" at the very end of the filter in question then run the filter and you''ll get the following error message:
No Stocks Matched your filter.
Click here to learn why.
When you click on "here" you'll get a list of lines of the filter and to their left how many results were left after each line ran.

b. For lines that you are not sure of what they do comment each of them out with /* and */ and keep running the filter with different ones commented out to see what happens

c. add a column to each line that has a 'set' variable command to see what the variable value is when the filter is run, you can have at least 20 columns.

d. duplicate your sf browser tab by right clicking and selecting duplicate tab so you have the same filter running in both tabs then in the first tab select a group of lines and hit CTRL-X and rerun that filter to see what happens and compare its results to the duplicate tab run of the original filter.

Then go back the first tab and put your cursor where you started the selection of the CTRL-X block and hit CTRL-V and all the lines will be returned
keep doing that with different blocks of lines and you'll see different stuff happening.

Hope this helps,
Ed S.

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6/6/2020 6:17:31 PM

@nibor it certainly helps, thanks for sharing with me.

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6/7/2020 7:08:01 PM

@Mansor, data-miner is filtering out his results to look only for squeezes. My filter is only drawing squeezes on charts (aside from the symlist). You supply your own filter or symlist. Below is the section data-miner uses to filter stocks. Hope that explains the discrepancy/

/* squeeze selection */

upper bollinger(20,2.0) below the Upper Keltner Band(20,1.5)

lower bollinger(20,2.0) above the Lower Keltner Band(20,1.5)
xMomStudy above 0
price near upper bollinger(20,2)
/* price, volume selection */

close above 1
volume above 300000

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6/7/2020 7:31:56 PM

@xarlor - thank you for pointing it out

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6/8/2020 7:03:30 PM


"c. add a column to each line that has a 'set' variable command to see what the variable value is when the filter is run, you can have at least 20 columns."

That's excellent advice. I do that a lot. I find it very helpful to keep track of what I'm looking for and to make sure the set statement is correct. When I've got a filter where I want it I just delete all those extra columns.

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