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3/21/2020 6:19:30 AM

Hello everyone '' premise '' I recently entered the world of intraday trading.I want to open this discussion since I am new to SF and I am in difficulty with writing codes to create valid filters to find the best competitor, he said that I would you need this help to create 2 filters. 1filter to find the best long intraday CFD 1 filter to find the best short intraday CFD Price, volume and sector optional, however, do not hesitate to recommend ideas on how to better squeeze the filters. Thank you. 😊

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3/21/2020 12:43:25 PM

I need help as well. Usually I "invest" and forget about it the invest for considerable time, it has worked out quite well.

However, I am home now for unforeseeable time. I need just ONE intra-day filter that can allow/assist me to make some profit (I don't short - that's a no go) on daily basis, so I can cover my daily expenses at least. I am using td, ustocktrade, and webull - so I can circumnavigate pdt rules.

Thank you

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5/16/2020 2:31:21 PM

No one seems to offer screeners when it comes to day trade and intratrades....

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5/16/2020 8:36:20 PM

It's been mentioned myriad times that SF does not support intraday.

SF only supports daily and weekly.

Besides, the charts on SF are on a 20-minute delay so most intraday filters would be pointless.

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