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7/25/2019 4:34:38 PM

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7/26/2019 9:33:09 AM

From article: "Fact is 58% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings."

This is a lie. I don't believe this.

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7/26/2019 10:35:59 AM

Does the survey indicate the details (income, family size...) of the 1000s they surveyed?

Survey poor or survey middle class or survey wealthy? Cross section?

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7/26/2019 1:38:24 PM

"Methodology: This GOBankingRates survey asked 5,002 adults the following six questions: 1) How much money do you have saved in your savings account? 2) What are you primarily saving for? 3) What obstacle(s) are keeping you from saving more money each month? 4) Of the following, which (or who) has proven most helpful for managing your savings? 5) How often do you deposit money in your savings? 6) What would you do or sacrifice if it meant achieving your savings goals? For question No. 2, respondents could choose more than one response.

Responses were collected through a Survata survey from Aug. 27, 2018, to Sept. 4, 2018, and are representative of the U.S. online population."

Generational breakdown from 2017 survey:

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7/26/2019 11:23:20 PM


Thanks for the nugget of information "representative of the U.S. ONLINE population".

Now let's see them survey "NOT online".

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